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A Legacy has Ended, What Will Transpire in the Next Few Days Following Queen’s Death

For more than 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II has presided as the Queen of the UK. The Balmoral Castle, where the monarch’s remains are located, was thronged by constituents when word of the monarch’s passing spread like wildfire. It was a time of national sorrow for Englishmen who held Queen Elizabeth in high respect.

Prince Charles, the Queen’s eldest son, is now King Charles III.

Officials at Buckingham Palace refer to the events surrounding the Queen’s burial and King Charles III’s coronation under the codename London Bridge. It has been years in the planning, and now that the Queen is gone, officials are enforcing it.

Here’s what will commence within 10 days:

Day 1

British citizens will observe the official national mourning until Queen Elizabeth II’s burial.

The new King, Prince Charles, who will hereafter be referred to as King Charles III, will meet with other officials, including Prime Minister Liz Truss, to prepare a written declaration and a national speech that will be aired on Friday.

The Great Tom, the Sebastopol Bell, the state bell of St. Paul Cathedral, and the tenor bell of Westminster Abbey will all chime in praise of the Queen. Additionally, gun salutes are anticipated to start in London’s Hyde Park and Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. Half-staff will be used for all flags.

Day 2

The corpse of Queen Elizabeth II will be moved from Balmoral Castle to Edinburgh, the monarch’s former home.

The new King will attend the Privy Council meeting and deliver his broadcast speech there. The Canterbury Archbishop will also be present. The national song, “God Save the King,” will be played in the backdrop as the prince is declared the new King while standing on a balcony of St. James’s Palace.

Flags will now be flown at full mast.

Day 3

The royal family will gather for a liturgy at St. Giles Cathedral. King Charles will meet with Scotland’s First Minister in the interim. There will be proclamations in honor of the late Queen Elizabeth II from other towns and cities as well.

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Day 4

The Queen’s coffin will be transported slowly by rail from St. Giles Cathedral through most of London overnight. While the new King and his wife, Camilla, are in Westminster Hall, they will be speaking with those who are grieving the country’s loss and offering their sympathies.

Day 5

The Queen’s remains will arrive in London, where they will then be driven to Buckingham Palace. The King will continue his journey to consult with people while stopping at St. Anne’s Cathedral and Hillsborough Castle.

Millions of people are anticipated to pay their respects when the Queen’s corpse arrives at Westminster Hall for a brief halt.

Day 6

The Queen’s casket is carried in a ceremonial procession from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster. The royal family will accompany the parade on foot, including Prince Harry, Prince William, and their kids.

Throughout the march, the enormous Big Ben will be rung, and Hyde Park fire cannon salutes in solidarity. After the coffin arrives at Westminster Hall, it will be left there for five days while vigils are likely to start soon after. The casket will be closely watched.

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Day 7

World leaders are anticipated to arrive nearby and pay their respects in Westminster Hall to the Queen’s corpse. At Buckingham Palace, the Royal Family will also be seated alongside King Charles III.

Day 8

The Prime Minister will meet with King Charles III to address issues pertaining to governing his new subjects.

Day 9

There will be a formal send-off for the Queen. People of distinction and government representatives from all around the world are anticipated. All members of the royal family, and world leaders, including presidents and prime ministers, will gather in Westminster Abbey to bid the Queen farewell.

The path of the coffin will pass by Big Ben and the Grave of the Unknown Warrior when a two-minute national moment of silence is held. The casket will next go to Buckingham Palace and Wellington Arch before ending up at Windsor, the Queen’s last stop,