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Amazon Stops Digital Downloads from Android Shopping App


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Amazon has halted its Android shopping app service, which means you can no longer download e-books and other digital content on your phone. Instead, ask customers to purchase the books through their website or the Kindle App.

The new tax is starting to take its toll on businesses. For example, the Google Play Store now has a 30% commission for all in-app purchases, which means that any company with an annual income over $1 million will have to pay this increased fee. 

Amazon said its new policy, issued globally over the last two weeks, was part of its response to “Google Store policies.” But the tech giant did not disclose the effect on its sales. 

The e-commerce giant’s first quarterly loss in 7 years was not a good sign. The online shopping market has seen a decline in online sales recently. 

Content remains to be available for streaming in the shopping app, though. The e-commerce company has imposed a similar policy on its iOS shopping app for a few years due to the same fees collected by Apple. 

According to an Amazon official, the changes had been “carefully considered,” and digital content is still accessible in all of its available services except its app.

A Kindle reader claimed that he always purchases e-books through the “daily deal” while scanning the app on his daily travels. 

“It’s going to stop me checking Amazon every day,” Keith Milburn said. “I don’t usually use my Kindle to access apps – I only read on it. This is going to stop me buying more books because the habit won’t be there anymore.” 

In the wake of the latest dispute on fees, Amazon has threatened to stop accepting Visa payments in the UK.

In 2021, Fortnite developer Epic Games filed a legal complaint against Apple, stating that it was running a “monopoly” due to the unavailability of its apps elsewhere for Apple customers and creators were prohibited from signposting less expensive in-game purchases outside the app. 

Another case against Apple and Google from device users – claiming fees collected by both are unfair – is ongoing. But Apple and Google claim that they offer a secure marketplace and access to a massive global market – a significant number of users are on Apple or Android devices.

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