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Delta Plans to Compensate Flight Attendants During Flight Boarding

Delta Plans to Compensate Flight Attendants During Flight Boarding

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Delta, one of the largest airlines in America. which barely beats off countless efforts to unionize flight attendants, has announced they will start paying crews during boarding. It is thought to raise their wages exponentially as it marks the first in the industry. 

The compensation for flight attendants in the US usually begins when all passengers are settled. plane doors are shut, so it is a significant shift from how it has been done.

June 2 will mark the first day of the shift on all flights, according to Delta. The airline stated that the new compensation. further recognizes how important your role is on board to ensuring a welcoming. safe, and on-time start to each flight” in a memo to flight attendants. 

With Delta mapping, the airline improves boarding time for single-aisle or narrow-body planes from 35 minutes to 40 minutes. They also look forward to improving the percentage of flights that depart punctually. 

The pilots at Delta are represented by a union. However, numerous efforts to do the same to flight attendants have not succeeded. against the strong opposition of the nine-hub airline company. Preparing to organize a movement at Delta for over two years. the Association of Flight Attendants claims to have sparked the boarding pay. 

“This new policy is the direct result of our organizing,” said the union. “As we get closer to filing for our union vote, management is getting nervous.” 

The union said that the change also comes as a response to employee rage over a more extended boarding period. during which flight attendants are not paid for. 

The new boarding time compensation, Delta said, is an addition to the 4% boost. pay for flight attendants last month.

Delta’s lack of representation by union groups is striking, as others such as American, United. Southwest possess 80% of workers represented by union groups.

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