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Grey_hart Shares His Experience with Setbacks, Bouncing Back, and Finding His Place as an Artist and NFT Creator

Grey_hart Artist and NFT Creator

Life is rarely a straightforward journey. If anything, it is filled with countless crossroads, detours, and even roadblocks. However, this inherent unpredictability makes the experience much more special and one-of-a-kind. This is something that Grey_hart can attest to; after all, the inspiring man went through several paths before finally becoming an NFT creator.

Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, the entrepreneur now resides in Denver. Prior to settling down in Colorado, he spent a few years in California to fulfill his dream of becoming a renowned artist. The talented individual was the frontman of the band People Like Us. In addition, he went to the prestigious Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, which taught some of the biggest names in the music scene, such as Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Anderson Paak.

Aside from pursuing his music career, Grey_hart also ventured into the cannabis industry. Unfortunately, this experience would be less than pleasant as the dispensary he was trimming for turned out to be guerrilla farmers. As a result, he and one of his bandmates, Donnie, spent months of labor without receiving anything in return.

Nevertheless, he persevered and continued his foray into the cannabis space, eventually going solo and founding his own business, Chef Slabalicious. On top of that, he partnered with one of his previous bosses to create the Buddha Boyz. The enterprise is highly successful and even received several awards and accolades for its extracts. But, as fate would have it, the med market began expanding to the recreational market, ultimately taking small-time and organic brands out of business.

Despite having gone through so many setbacks and hurdles, Grey_hart remained optimistic. So now, he has forayed into the highly popular NFT space as the rep for Mad Meerkat. This remarkably promising crypto/Web3/gamefi project is making a buzz in the industry and the community. 

Not only that but he is set to launch his very own collection, the Broken Hearts NFT. It is a line of 101 tarot cards created by the creative Grey_hart himself using MIDJOURNEY’s AI software. The project’s theme hovers around the subject of a broken heart. Each image features a unique, one-of-one artwork containing various traits and elements related to heartbreak and the spiritual journey involved in getting through it. Some designs contain astral guides, spirit animals, and even metaphors and feelings made into imagery. 

When asked to share what inspired him to curate the collection, the visionary meaningfully answered, “My biggest influence for this project is a culmination of all of the letdowns I’ve experienced and the triumph in getting through them. If you’ve experienced heartbreak of any kind in your life, there’s sure to be an image that speaks to you in some form.”

The Broken Hearts NFT is slated to drop on October 31, 2022, via Ebisu’s Bay. For the time being, interested parties and aspiring token holders can check out the project’s official trailer.

Grey_hart is a testament that success will always find those who persist no matter what life brings, and as the young man insightfully explained, “Never give up. Trust your intuition; it doesn’t lie. Never forget where you came from or who you hang with, but also remember you’re a product of your surroundings and the people you associate with. Small changes can lead to big improvements. Help more than you hurt because you never know when you’ll need to have someone that’s got your back as well. Most importantly, don’t set limits for your potential.”

As he continues establishing himself as an authority in the NFT space, the outstanding artist remains committed to his passion for music. In fact, he has shared plans to work on a few songs and collaborate with bigger artists. As such, fans and music lovers should keep an eye out for the gifted musician’s upcoming releases.

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