Highland Park Shooter Received License at 19, Father Claims Not to Be Involved with Plans of the Shooting

Independence Day in Highland Park, Illinois, ended on a bleak note when a gunman opened fire during the parade.

The shooting left 31 victims injured while seven were reported dead in Highland Park

A manhunt followed, leading to the arrest of a 21-year-old suspect who was arrested and charged with seven first-degree killings. The Lake County state attorney also shared that the shooter could face a “dozen more” indictments.

Robert Crimo Jr, the suspect’s father, said he and his son were discussing another mass shooting the day before. The shooting at a shopping mall in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Copenhagen shooting they discussed occurred on June 3 when a 22-year-old Dane killed three people and injured many more.

“He goes, ‘Yeah, that guy is an idiot,'” recalled the father. “That’s what he said.”

Robert Crimo III, the Independence Day shooter, also said. The people who commit mass shootings give people more reasons to call for stricter gun policies.

People are criticizing the father for sponsoring Crimo’s firearms owner’s ID card when the killer was 19, according to officials. However, the father insists he was not involved in the mass shooting. 

It is also unclear whether the suspect would have needed to renew his license when he turned 21.

In a lawsuit against the gunman, Crimo’s parents sought the help of attorney Steve Greenberg. Infamous for defending R&B singer and sexual predator R. Kelly.

“I don’t know how much worse it could get then you wake up in the morning and a few hours. You realize that someone that you’ve loved. Nurtured all their lives has done such a terrorific act. Done It to people that you love and respect,” Greenberg told ABC7 on Wednesday.

“This isn’t the parent’s fault. This is the fault of the young man. Who was allowed by the system that’s out there to buy military-grade assault rifles.”

The lawyer also discussed an incident in 2019. Wherein the police were called to investigate a possible threat from Crimo. They involved the seizure of a collection of knives.

“The police investigated. They didn’t perceive there was any great threat . They returned these knives to the family just a few hours later,” said Greenberg. “And there were no other incidents. So we’re three years later now.”

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