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Mark Zuckerberg Accused of Involvement With the 2018 Cambridge Analytica Scandal

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was accused of being involved with the massive Cambridge Analytica data breach In 2018. The case was dismissed; however, this year, Attorney General Karl Racine filed another lawsuit.

“We’re suing Mark Zuckerberg for his role in Facebook’s \isleading privacy practices. Failure to protect millions of users’ data,” said Racine in a statement Monday. “Our investigation shows extensive evidence that Zuckerberg was personally involved in failures that led to the Cambridge Analytica incident.”

The social media platform revealed in 2018 that over 87 million users’ personal information. Might have been “improperly shared” with the data-mining firm which was affiliated with Donald Trump’s successful 2016 presidential campaign. In Racine’s complaint, “this data trove included Facebook users’ ages, interests, pages they’ve liked. Groups they belong to, physical locations, political affiliation, religious affiliation, relationships, and photos; as well as their full names, phone numbers and email addresses.”

Mark Zuckerberg encourage

“In other words, Cambridge Analytica used the Facebook platform – in a way that Facebook and Zuckerberg encouraged. To influence and manipulate the outcome of a United States presidential election.”

According to the Attorney General, the latest suit against Zuckerberg resulted from an existing investigation. Lawsuit his office filed against Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica scandal four years earlier. In addition, Racine claims that because Zuckerberg holds the most significant number of shares of Meta (Facebook’s rebranded name). It has the final say in the company’s operations, he is ultimately responsible for the social platform’s daily operations. As a result, according to Racine, Mark Zuckerberg is also responsible for the events that led to the scandal.

Karl Racine previously attempted to name the CEO personally responsible for the data leak in a 2018 suit. But the judge dismissed the move, reasoning that Racine waited too long to name Zuckerberg in the case. Since then, Facebook has changed its name and rebranded into Meta to focus on the Metaverse. There are suspicions that the name change was meant to distance Facebook from ongoing legal troubles.

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