President Joe Biden Makes a Statement Addressing the Latest Mass Shooting

President Joe Biden was set to make a statement to raise the hopes. The morals of the people during the Fourth of July celebration. He like many Americans, soon learned about the tragedy that struck Highland Park when another mass shooting occurred.

“Jill and I are shocked by the senseless gun violence that has yet again brought grief to an American community. On this Independence Day,” Biden said in a statement on Monday.

In Highland Park, Illinois, a Fourth of July parade was disrupted. When a shooter opened fire, leaving six dead and over 30 wounded.

Biden revealed he “surged Federal law enforcement to assist in the urgent search for the shooter,” . Emphasizing the recently signed gun safety legislation.

“But there is much more work to do,” the President added. “I’m not going to give up fighting the epidemic of gun violence.”

His Vice President, Kamala Harris, also spoke about the event and pointed to the signed legislation. He saying, “Today’s shooting is an unmistakable reminder that more should be done to address gun violence in our country.”

Later Monday evening, the President held a brief moment of silence to grieve the dead over the Independence Day picnic. Biden also revealed that he spoke with Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering and Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

President Joe Biden

Earlier that afternoon, President Joe Biden reemphasized the new gun safety law. The Illinois shooting during remarks that were commemorating the holiday with military families at the White House. He said:

“You all heard what happened today. Each day we’re reminded there’s nothing guaranteed about our democracy, nothing guaranteed about our way of life.”

The tragedy in Highland Park is only the latest to the challenges in the United States. Causing dissatisfaction among the people. 

A poll recently showed that the majority of the citizens, regardless of their parties. They were unhappy with the state of the country.

Aware of the situation, President Joe Biden attempted to reassure the people. He saying, “I know it can be exhausting and unsettling. But tonight I want you to know we’re going to get through all this.”

He released a statement earlier that day, saying the best days still lie ahead.

“The Fourth of July is a sacred day in our country – it’s time to celebrate the goodness of our nation. The only nation on Earth founded based on an idea: that all people are created equal,” tweeted Biden. “Make no mistake, our best days still lie ahead.”

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