Internet Marketing Expert, JetSetFly, Creates One of the Largest NFT News Media Platforms in His Early Twenties

Technology has opened the doors to numerous opportunities, but not many people have been able to leverage these opportunities. Yet, 24-year-old internet marketer, entrepreneur and leading digital marketing expert, JetSetFly is trailblazing in multiple new technological spaces. Born Josh King Madrid, he does not only have an inspiring story. His work and achievements in the digital marketing world speak for him.

JetSetFly has achieved numerous successes in the business world by generating hundreds of thousands of leads for his clients. He has also launched multiple viral product campaigns and sold over $20 million worth of products and services online. He built a name for himself as a reputable internet personality. Which has helped him build a massive following for his clients. Interacted with big names in the business world, thrown and attended hundreds of business events. Shared his knowledge about business with hundreds of people. He hosts the podcast, The Dropout Degree, which has seen over a million downloads for its episodes.

JetSetFly Established

With his pedigree, JetSetFly established, the world’s leading NFT news website that offers accurate news. Updates, and resources about the NFT projects, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. The company recently grew to over 40 members, and JetSetFly opened a new office in the heart of Irvine, California. Pushing forward with is his way of taking a grandstand in the NFT boom. He has proven himself as an authority by working with other NFT creators as a marketer and consultant for projects. Within the first 45 days of his involvement with the NFT space. He generated over $10 million in different NFT collections and tokens sales.

JetSetFly’s motivation for building is to bridge the gap between accurate news and information and the public. He realized that not enough news media or networking community was fully dedicated to NFTs. He also noticed how easily many platforms were swayed to help creators amplify. Their stories and projects, which to him meant taking away the authenticity of these projects. Thus, with the success of other platforms like CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin Magazine, Telegram. CoinDesk, JetSetFly’s goal is to join these powerful platforms to make a difference in the NFT world.

“I want to be known as the leading trustworthy. Accurate and reliable news source in the NFT, cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 spaces. NFT enthusiasts should be able to get all the updates and information. They need to be adequately informed about everything NFTs,” JetSetFly said.

While JetSetFly has achieved success. It has remained firmly on his goal of building impactful ventures. He his journey has not been without challenges. However, his optimism and self-belief have helped him stay afloat while wading through the murky waters of business. Despite the challenges, he has built multiple 7-figure businesses. E-commerce brands, acquired nearly 14,000 customers, and made over $20 million in online sales. JetSetFly has set himself apart in the digital business world. It is committed to doing more to create solutions for entrepreneurs. It various projects set to launch over the next few years.