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Tanginika-Simone Cuascud Vega: Transforming Health and Education in North Texas

Tanginika-Simone Cuascud Vega Health and Education
Photo Courtesy: Texas Sexual Health

In the vibrant community of North Texas, a transformative approach to intimate health and education is emerging, thanks to the visionary work of Dr. Tanginika-Simone Cuascud Vega, affectionately known as Dr. Tangie. As the founder and leader of her own practice, Dr. Tangie has created a pioneering multidisciplinary practice that uniquely addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of intimate dissatisfaction.

Dr. Tangie’s path to becoming a leading figure in intimate health is marked by an impressive academic journey. She holds a Doctorate in Human Behavior from the Institute for Advanced Studies in Human Behavior in San Francisco, CA, and has completed postdoctoral studies in neuroscience at Emory University. Additionally, she earned a Doctorate in Business Administration from Argosy University in Illinois, and an MBA from The Inter-American University of Puerto Rico. Her participation in The Institute for Future Global Leaders at the University of the Virgin Islands in Saint Thomas further equipped her to lead and innovate in her field.

Dr. Tangie employs a positive approach that integrates therapy, intimate medicine, pelvic health, and naturopathy. This comprehensive methodology ensures personalized care for individuals and couples of all orientations and identities, addressing dysfunctions and intimacy issues to help them achieve the fulfilling intimate lives they deserve.

In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Tangie holds significant leadership roles. As an ambassador for the American Health Association and the Vice President for the Association of Hispanic Leaders, she advocates for increased awareness and better understanding of intimate health issues.

Her belief that “intimacy has no expiration date” drives her efforts to educate older adults about maintaining a healthy intimate life as they age. Organizations such as AARP and The Senior Source frequently invite her to share her expertise on senior intimate health.

Dr. Tangie’s contributions have been widely recognized, with features in numerous magazines, radio shows, TV programs, and publications both in the USA and internationally, cementing her status as a global authority in intimate health.

What truly sets Dr. Tangie apart is her compassion and dedication to her work. She empowers individuals through education and advocates for healthier attitudes towards intimacy across all age groups.

“Take the steps towards a happier and healthier life!” With this call to action, Dr. Tanginika-Simone Cuascud Vega invites everyone to embrace their intimate well-being with confidence and knowledge.

Outside her professional endeavors, Dr. Tangie enjoys spending quality time with her family, finding joy in simple pleasures such as camping and dancing. She continuously creates content aimed at demystifying intimate health, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Dr. Tanginika-Simone Cuascud Vega’s holistic approach not only enriches lives through superior clinical care but also breaks down barriers and stigmas surrounding discussions about intimacy. Her legacy is one of a relentless advocate and educator whose impact extends far beyond her practice, inspiring positive change worldwide.


Published by: Khy Talara

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