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Teleaus Aims to Push The Limits and Power of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is here to stay, and businesses of all sizes throughout the globe have started relying on it. Due to the dynamic nature of the industry, planning a cloud strategy can be challenging for firms, as the technology undergoes annual updates. 

The International Data Corporation (IDC) says that nearly 70% of IT companies have started utilising cloud technology, along with 70% of infrastructure, products, and applications. In fact, the global cloud computing market is expected to reach $927.51 billion by 2027. 

How Teleaus Intends to Harness the Possibilities of Cloud Computing

To stay ahead of the competition, telecommunications provider Teleaus intends to push the boundaries and power of cloud computing. Here are several ways that the company will fulfil this lofty goal.

Supporting New Applications

Management consulting company Gartner says that by the end of 2023, global spending on cloud computing will be close to $500 billion, with the cloud continuing to be a crucial part of almost every type of digital service. As computer speeds get faster and networks like Wi-Fi 6E and 5G become more common, the amount and types of data sent will undoubtedly increase. With the rise of cloud-based augmented and virtual reality technologies, there will be improvements in various fields. In the future, more businesses will move their operations and data storage to the cloud.

Promoting Multi-cloud Architecture

In all likelihood, it will be in 2023 when companies will recognise the advantages of distributing their cloud computing workloads among various vendors. The “multi-cloud approach” has many benefits, such as greater mobility and reliability. Also, it keeps businesses from being too reliant on a single ecosystem, which could be a problem if cloud service providers change the apps they offer or stop supporting certain apps.

Serverless Cloud

The serverless cloud is a new idea quickly becoming popular in the business world, thanks to companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM (Cloud Functions). It is often called “functions-as-a-service,” and it liberates companies from renting servers or paying for a certain amount of storage or bandwidth. It provides a genuine pay-as-you-go service in which the infrastructure grows without anyone noticing in response to changes in an application’s needs. 

It’s not completely serverless but adds a layer between the user and the platform. This means that the user doesn’t have to deal with setting up the platform or its technical parts. Serverless computing in the cloud will be a big part of creating new user experiences that make advancement easier to access in the cloud and across the whole digital landscape. This larger trend intends to make it easier for users to find new experiences in the cloud.


Cloud computing on edge will take away some of the past market shares that traditional cloud platforms have had. Instead of relying on a centralised cloud network, network edge computing uses smaller, more portable, and containerised parts that are processed by a network of computers that are not all in the same place. 

To implement this plan, the processors, data storage, and servers are relocated as close as physically possible to the people who need them the most. Edge cloud computing cuts down on the distance between a network’s functionality processor and the end-user points. This makes cloud computing faster, easier to maintain, and less harmful to the environment than conventional cloud computing.

Cloud Services That Don’t Need Much or Any Coding

People are becoming more interested in tools and platforms that let anyone build apps and use data to solve problems without writing computer code. In this age of low-code and no-code solutions, there are tools for making websites, online apps, and almost any other kind of digital solution that a company might want. There are also ways to make AI-powered apps that don’t require much coding. This makes it much easier for businesses that want to use AI and ML.

Given all these factors, companies and organisations are still on the fence about the necessity of cloud computing or whose cloud systems need a crucial overhaul. Enlisting the services of providers like Teleaus enables companies to expand their opportunities beyond their current limits. With Teleaus’ one-stop shop for cloud services, companies can focus on the growth of their businesses, assured that they are future-proof and digital-first ready.

The Financial Burden of Adult Children on American Parents

As children grow up, parents hope they will become financially independent and self-sufficient. However, many parents in America are facing the opposite reality, where their adult children are becoming a significant financial burden. 

In this article, we will examine the reasons why adult children are becoming a financial burden on their parents and suggest some ways to alleviate this burden.

Reasons for Financial Burden

1. The Cost of Living Is Increasing

The cost of living is increasing, and many young adults struggle to make ends meet. This is particularly true for those who have recently graduated from college and are still looking for a job. Additionally, some young adults may have a job but are earning a low wage, making it difficult to pay for basic expenses such as rent, food, and utilities.

2. Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is becoming a significant financial burden for many young adults. According to Forbes, America’s total student loan debt is over $1.7 trillion, and the average student loan debt is over $37,000. This debt can take years to pay off, and many young adults are struggling to make their monthly payments.

3. The High Cost of Healthcare in America

Many young adults are unable to afford health insurance, and medical bills can quickly add up. This can be particularly challenging for those who have a chronic illness or require ongoing medical care.

4. The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the financial burden of adult children on their parents even more severe. Many young adults have lost their jobs or had their hours reduced, making it even more challenging for them to make ends meet.

Alleviating the Financial Burden

While it may be challenging to alleviate the financial burden of adult children on their parents entirely, there are some steps that parents and young adults can take to mitigate the impact.

1. Encouragement

Parents should encourage their adult children to become financially independent. This means teaching them how to create a budget, save money, and invest wisely. Parents can also help their adult children find a job by networking with friends and family or by connecting them with a job placement service.

2. Refinancing Loans

Young adults should consider refinancing their student loans to lower their monthly payments. This can be done through a private lender, and it can save them thousands of dollars over the life of their loan.

3. Purchasing a High-Deductible Health Insurance Plan

Young adults should consider purchasing a high-deductible health insurance plan or joining a healthcare-sharing ministry to reduce their healthcare costs. These options may have lower monthly premiums, but they require the individual to pay more out of pocket when they receive medical care.

4. Communicating Openly

Parents and young adults should communicate openly and honestly about their financial situation. This means discussing the expectations for financial support and setting boundaries. It can also mean seeking the advice of a financial planner or counselor to develop a plan that works for both parties.


The financial burden of adult children on their parents is a growing concern in America. The reasons for this burden are varied and complex, including the rising cost of living, student loan debt, healthcare costs, and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While it may be challenging to alleviate this burden entirely, there are steps that both parents and young adults can take to mitigate its impact. By working together and communicating openly, parents and young adults can develop a plan that works for everyone involved.

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