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Fifteen Vulnerable Individuals Won Legal Dispute Against Local Council Worth Over £84,000 Without Spending A Single Penny Through Adam Hussain And The Help Of Proctor & Hobbs Solicitors

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With great knowledge and a passion for helping, young lawyer Adam Hussain won his first legal dispute case for his fifteen clients, including business owners and market traders against the local council. After being provided with inaccurate information regarding the Coronavirus grant’s, fifteen vulnerable individuals coming from non english speaking, ethnic minority backgrounds immediately received assistance and help from Adam Hussain, through Proctor and Hobbs Solicitors who acted as their legal representatives throughout the entire process of getting a just and lawful decision.

In 2021, during the height of the global pandemic, the UK Government implemented the Local Restrictions Support Grant – a statutory support scheme to assist local businesses with a lump sum payment throughout the national lockdown period amid COVID-19. Following the application, the local council refused the applications made by Adam’s clients contrary to government policies. The reason for the refusal was inadequately explained, and since his clients were from an ethnic minority background and English was not their native language, they were not able to defend themselves against the incorrect decision. 

“It was a challenge I couldn’t turn down. The opportunity to bring together my passion for helping the vulnerable with my knowledge of the law, the expertise at Proctor and Hobbs Solicitors, and all at a time when the finances have never been more important… is why I had such high ambitions to win this case” explained Adam.  

Upon taking the case, Adam Hussain found out that market managers had not even spoken to his clients as a courtesy to inform them of the financial aid available to them at the time. These individuals trade in street markets across the West Yorkshire district. The local council could not testify that they took reasonable measures to ensure information regarding the financial support was communicated to the traders at the markets, which was undoubtedly necessary at the time since it was a government order. Adam decided to conduct further research, and he was able to find over fourty other similar businesses to his clients in the same locality who were able to receive grant funding in excess of £10,000 each to support them throughout lockdown. 

In the legal dispute case, Adam recapitulates the local council is lawfully required to use state aid wisely and justifiably to assist the recovery of all local businesses in the post-COVID world without bailing out any favored business at the expense of fair competition and consumers. He also reiterated that as a public body, the local council remains under a statutory duty to not act in a way that is incompatible with his client’s rights, under the European Convention of Human Rights. This includes a positive obligation to protect them from discrimination in respect of these rights and freedoms granted by the law.

Adam Hussain values equal rights and justice, and he felt that his clients were highly distressed, vulnerable, and emotionally attacked by a public body. They were refused the same rights and privileges that should have been given to them in the first place. After an extensive pre-litigation battle, the council raised the payment for each of Adam’s fifteen clients, with the payment accumulating debts over £84,000.

In addition, while Adam Hussain wrote about the successful case in the Adam Prudens Law blog, Proctor and Hobbs Solicitors’ generosity meant the partners did not charge these clients a single penny in legal fees throughout the entire legal process. According to Adam, the Proctor and Hobbs Solicitors team doesn’t necessarily like to charge money from the outset; rather, they see a case with potential and win it for their clients, delivering only the best results and nothing less.

He adds: “If you fail or make a mistake in law, as can often happen at the junior end of the scene, that’s fine. Learn from it. I always say to my others ‘if we fail, we fail fast‘ – but maintain drive, focus and determination to achieve. Then, we will hit the target we’re aiming for. This is the mindset the Proctor and Hobs Solicitors team have instilled into me”.

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