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Top International Female Motivational Speaker, Kurline Altes, Shares Her Whole Person Coaching Approach That Drives Results

Kurline Altes
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Kurline Altes is an acclaimed life coach, storyteller, and speaker who’s revolutionizing the coaching world with her latest breakthrough approach. Kurline’s cutting-edge coaching methodology, known as whole-person coaching, is expertly crafted to help individuals achieve their objectives in both their personal and professional lives. With Kurline’s unique approach, motivation is the key driver to propel individuals forward on their journey, regardless of where they may find themselves. Unlike traditional coaching, Kurline’s approach is not restricted to a particular domain; instead, it fosters holistic well-being and encourages personal growth in all areas of life.

Kurline is a fierce entrepreneur, an author with a heart of faith, and a staunch champion for justice, equity, and inclusion. Her leadership experience spans various domains, including non-profit organizations, churches, and the Mayor’s housing and employment retention programs funded by the Department of Human Services (DHS), where she dedicatedly served both sheltered and unsheltered families in Washington, DC. But Kurline’s selfless commitment doesn’t end there. She’s also determined to give back to society by volunteering for families and children in the foster care system.

Kurline holds firm to her belief that toin order to achieve her mission of reaching individuals worldwide, it is crucial to start by engaging with the local community, as charity always starts at home. Her ultimate objective is to foster lasting transformation across generations, empowering people to embrace a growth and development mindsetmindset of growth and development.

“I do not follow the norm; I create and re-create to help individuals and organizations bring out their best,” said Kurline Altes. “Every coach needs a coach, and I know that because I coach my way through.”

Kurline’s coaching methodology caters to aspiring young adults who yearn to accomplish their ambitions, both personally and professionally. By implementing a comprehensive approach that considers the whole person, she endeavors to empower individuals by acknowledging their past failures while instilling a resilient mindset geared toward growth.

“I had to become my own coach; seeing what works and does not work motivated me,” said Kurline Altes. “So, for this, I share that it is perfectly okay to not have it all together; coach yourself all the way through.”

Kurline Altes is available for speaking engagements, group  and one-on-one coaching sessions. For more information, please visit her website at

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