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Samsung to Shut Down LCD Manufacturing Earlier Than Planned

The display industry has been fluctuating between LCD and OLED for years now. But with Samsung Display’s plans to shutter in 2020 it threw a major wrench in those who prefer the latter. However after some delays on when they would fully stop production of their current type (LCD) screens. It was originally set forth as happening next year before being postponed indefinitely. The company announced that it would be pushing plans six months earlier, according to GSM Arena.

The world was shocked when Samsung Display announced they would be shutting down their LCD production at the end of June. The company had previously planned on closing back towards the end of the year. But after seeing how competitive it got with other companies’ prices for displays. Especially those who were selling them below cost price-they decided not to wait any longer and ended all manufacturing immediately instead.

In 2020, the price of LCD panels was rising. This led to Samsung announcing that they would be shutting down production at the end of 2022. Due in part from these high costs and fierce competition.

The global pandemic has forced Samsung to postpone their LCD shutdown. They were due for an extended production period. But the need for affordable devices at home prompted them instead- all because one company wants what’s best for others too!

LCD prices have been 36.6% lower than they were at their peak production period, and this is due in part to the competition between China’s BOE ( Bureau Of European Trade). As well as Taiwan based AU Optronics who offered discounts on behalf of clients trying desperately not only save money. They also time by shopping early before companies release large numbers into circulation.


Samsung representatives were not available for comment, but according to GSM Arena the information will be made apparent once. The second quarter concludes and earnings reports come out in late July.

The company will instead shift its workforce and focus on manufacturing OLED and QD panels, bringing employees into the QD business.

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