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White House Summit Aims to Eliminate Hate-Based Violence

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US President Joe Biden announced a conference at the White House to discuss hate-related violence.

Biden will invite specialists, crime survivors, and other local leaders to the Summit, which the White House said will be named the “United We Stand Summit,” so they can address the subject in depth. The Summit will allow the country to spotlight those who have been the victims of hate crimes.

For instance, the Summit will pay tribute to mass shootings that have already occurred, such as the massacres at the El Paso Walmart in 2019 and the Orlando gay nightclub in 2016. People who had been the victims of prejudice have died as a result of these incidents. Black people and Mexicans are among the casualties.

During the Summit, Vice President Kamala Harris will also be there and will also speak out against the violence committed by racists and other people. There will also be a presentation that provides data on hate-related violence in the US. In addition, a former neo-Nazi will also take the platform and start a discussion on the subject. Lastly, Biden will address the audience and go through the whole Summit and its goals.

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The Summit and its purpose

The goal of Biden’s administration has always been harmony. Biden promises to bring together individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and socioeconomic statuses under his direction. Many continue to question whether the current president can succeed in his mission.

A few weeks after Biden’s address warning radical Republicans who he views as risks to democracy, the event was also publicized.

“America must choose: to move forward or to move backward. To build the future or obsess about the past. To be a nation of hope and unity and optimism, or a nation of fear, division, and of darkness,” the president said.

“MAGA Republicans have made their choice. They embrace anger. They thrive on chaos. They live not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies,” he added.

The Summit, according to White House officials, is not politically motivated but instead addresses a problem that must be brought to everyone’s attention since it impacts the entire country. The authorities also said that before highlighting the significance of the Summit, Biden would address the country and underline his message of unity.

Biden believes that a unified nation is preferable to a divided one. This could only mean that violence that aims to divide individuals into groups and propagate hatred across races and origins must be totally destroyed rather than tolerated. Violence motivated by hatred has no place in the US.

Identity of America is under threat

Deborah Lipstadt, a special envoy for the Biden administration, claims that a significant portion of Americans believe that the nation’s identity is in danger. Lipstadt collaborates with the White House to track and fight antisemitism.

“Whether they read it online, whether they hear it in the media, whether they hear it from certain politicians – but they believe it. People have to recognize that it’s this panoply of hatreds that constitute this threat to our democracy and threat to our country and to national security and foreign countries as well,” said Lipstadt.

The White House has also strongly urged internet firms to control and keep an eye on hate-based violence in the meantime. In its effort against hate-based violence, the government has partnered with media corporations, including Twitch, Microsoft, YouTube, and Meta. A top White House official also emphasized the significance and impact of social media businesses in resolving a number of problems that the US is now facing.

“Every tech company should be thinking about what they can do,” he said.


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