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Boost Your Personal Brand: Insights from Firebird PR Agency

Boost Your Personal Brand Insights from Firebird PR Agency
Photo Courtesy: Mariia Borovenska, CEO Firebird PR Agency

Mariia Borovenska, owner of Firebird PR Agency, shares tools to accelerate personal branding and create a positive impression with the audience.

At a time when the information space is jammed with offers, just like New York Times Square is at rush hour, it is becoming increasingly challenging for owners of personal brands and companies to grab the attention of the audience. The most precious currency in this world has proved to be the focus. After all, in the endless information flow, it is a matter of people being curious about you and your product. 

Mariia Borovenska, owner of Firebird PR Agency and producer and publicist with 13 years of experience in international PR, has shared her latest techniques and top 5 methods for optimising Personal Brand performance with our editorial team.

Background: Firebird PR Agency is a public relations service provider based in Canada that produces full photos and videos and offers clients different promotion opportunities worldwide. They have a photo and video production team in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Toronto, Dubai and Europe, helping clients bring out their best professional side. The company provides publication services in top glossy magazines and international online media, offers access to global events, helps clients apply for awards, offers product placement, and develops marketing promotion strategies.

Whether you start up a business or an already famous brand, they have a dedicated team of experts to satisfy any request from clients seeking to enhance their brand through communications services. Serving as an integrated full-service media house, they offer customised campaigns with a focus on brand strategy and development and effective communications to build awareness, generate interest in a brand, and increase the value of a business, adding to a company’s uniqueness. 

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Photo Courtesy: Mariia Borovenska, CEO Firebird PR Agency

5 Tools To Make A Proper Impression:

1. Content

Before a person gets to know you personally or your product, the most common way to get to know a brand is through social media. First of all, it is essential to provide high-quality photos and videos. I emphasise the top professional qualities because this is what makes the first impression:

  • The stylist you have.
  • Your make-up.
  • Your background.
  • The professionalism of your photographer. 

These are all the details that, if not properly chosen, deceive the eye and cast the wrong light. In a world where you can’t amaze anyone with an ordinary photo in a traditional photo studio, you must develop new ideas. By all means, there should be a match between your personal brand photography and the image and the product. 

Suppose you are a woman or a business professional in a certain niche, for instance. In that case, you need content in a business fashion style rather than flowing dresses amidst a field of daisies, as you’d not be taken seriously. If you wish to highlight the vigour and resilience of your personality, choose a savage background, extreme natural locations such as mountains, raging rivers and heights, or shooting on a wild Safari.

The person checking out your profile should memorise you, evoking emotions through your photo or video content. Then, he/she should realise that he/she wants to meet and collaborate with you. The trivial products are no longer of interest. 

2. Media presence

The first thing a person does is google your name or product name, even if you meet a client in person, let’s say, at an event or business conference. There should be information about you in media resources that match your image. Choosing one top media website for promotion is better than ten obscure ones. 

By the way, the media is where you can best share your strengths and the exclusivity of your product, dive into the distinctive features and communicate what you do that nobody else does. 

For example, as far as our agency is concerned, our distinguishing feature, as compared to most PR agencies in North America, is that we work with cases even on a targeted basis. You can even order one PR service with us, such as a magazine cover or invitations to a private event. Most other PR firms have monthly cooperation packages and provide you with services that are not what you want but are easier for them to do for you. 

This is where many will start commenting that they are proponents of native content and expect the magazine to notice and write about them. Such expectations can drag on for years. It is much more effective to promote several opportunities in the top media with a catchy information case that will entail attracting the attention of the audience and spurring organic content. That is, you will be talked about from the top of the fact that you have been a part of a major project.

Yet another point in favour of looking for rated publications is that you can’t immediately get in over your head. You cannot be published immediately in Forbes, even commercially, if no one knows anything about you. Such media outlets need to see previous references about you from other reputable publications.  

By the way, I want to remind you that such PR answers the questions of who you are, what your product is, and why it costs money. It helps to immerse the audience in understanding its details. For proper sales linking, you need to involve PR advertising.

3. Wow Effect

Getting others to talk about you or your product is one of the most important ways to garner attention. It’s a workable and free method of generating conversation about you. That’s why so many bloggers and brands are increasingly making funny videos or creating showy stories.

So, what if you, as a business owner or product maker, can’t imagine yourself dancing on TikTok? That’s a great question! 

There is the following solution for those: shoot content in unique places all over the globe. There can be enticing and off the beaten track locations, mesmerised by beautiful nature, which are miles away from the average person’s view. There would also be prominent world events where access to the ordinary person is limited, such as the Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet or the Academy Awards. 

Make content that is authentic and straightforward. In the world of advertising, everything is highly embellished, which can sometimes be very off-putting to the audience and distance them from understanding the value of the product. Keep it simple, explain everything in plain language. As an example, many people lose customers because something seems too complicated for them. 

4. Live Events Presence 

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Photo Courtesy: Mariia Borovenska, CEO Firebird PR Agency

Your live presence at events, business conferences, professional exhibitions or fashion shows is necessary. You will again remember yourself, and you can continue an unfinished conversation with people you have met before, or of course, you can find new contacts. Networking is necessary. You might be the ultimate introvert. But for your promotion, you need to go out and meet potential partners and clients in person. 

Please note: your style matters. If you have a gorgeous outfit at a soiree, other people will organically approach you and ask who the designer of that dress is, so it’s a way to make acquaintances. Dressing up is the easiest method to make the lasting impression you seek. Just go shopping with a stylist and work on your personal style and outfit for the event in advance.

5. Do what you are passionate about! 

The strategy created by a PR agent is required not only to garner new clients but also to please you. You should be burning with joy and spreading wings. After all, your genuine emotions work best. 

To give an example, many emerging performers are eager to go on stage only to indulge themselves. If they do not care about the audience and their feelings, such a project is unlikely to gain popularity even with huge investments.

This is why Firebird PR Agency studies each case in detail before strategizing and unlocking each personal brand. 

How you get to work with Firebird PR Agency: 

–  Contact us and describe your request.

–  In a preliminary consultation, we will analyse your case. It can be in person or over the phone. 

–  We will select a list of the most optimal media to satisfy your request and other promotional opportunities.

–  You will choose from the list what fits within your budget. 

–  Please note that we coordinate the publication of each case with the editorial team before concluding the contract. 

–  We will organise photo and video shoots for you, or you can provide your photographs and footage if our requirements are met.

–  We arrange for an interview or help with writing an article.

–  Each piece is not released to the public until you approve it. 

Firebird PR agency: It’s time to spread your wings and fly to the stars!

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Published by: Martin De Juan

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