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Cartel Blue, Inc. Cigars Goes into the New Year with a BangPhoto Credit Tom Keyburn Colleen Shannon, Philp Moreb, Jack Panossian

Cartel Blue, Inc. Cigars Goes into the New Year with a BangPhoto Credit Tom Keyburn Colleen Shannon, Philp Moreb, Jack Panossian
Photo Credit: Tom Keyburn

By: Cartel Blue

In the ever-evolving business landscape, it is the enterprises that persistently explore opportunities, innovate, and adapt that ascend to new heights of success. This mantra of growth and success is exemplified by Cartel Blue, Inc., a company well known for its exceptional cigars and a strong commitment to innovation.

In a significant, bold step towards expansion, Cartel Blue, Inc. is now closing on Regulation A or Reg A+ as the broader business world knows it. Reg A+, a type of offering which allows private companies to raise up to $50 million from the public, has many notable advantages that make it a savvy strategic move for growth-oriented firms like Cartel Blue, Inc.

Reg A+ facilitates the ability to raise large amounts of capital. This is a tremendous boom for companies striving to amplify their impact and extend their consumer base. By capitalizing on this path, Cartel Blue, Inc. is not only securing firm financial footing but also assuring an accelerated rate of organization growth. 

More inclusivity is another hallmark of Reg A+ that it allows companies to offer and sell unrestricted shares to both accredited and non-accredited investors. This opens up a world of possibilities to expand the investor base and diversify the investment pool. This approach would allow Cartel Blue, Inc. to invite a wider audience to participate in their journey of growth and success.  Cartel Blue Incs first quarter is 200k second 240k third quarter of the year 775,000 their fourth will hit 1.3 M.

Reg A+ also provides flexibility for the founders and other insiders to sell some of their shares. A well-designed boom for those who have contributed to the growth and success of the enterprise. This provision ensures more liquidity and enhances the mutual growth potential.

Nestled among these exhilarating developments, Cartel Blue Inc.’s charismatic CEO, Philip Moreb, has joined forces with Colleen Shannon. Their partnership has already been causing waves in the event circuit, with a resounding triumph in Vegas for the Formula 1 Red Carpet celebrity-driven events. With Colleen Shannon as the host, the event not only embodied indulgence and sophistication but also marked a significant highlight for Cartel Blue, Inc.

As the new year beckons, Philip Moreb and Colleen Shannon project a vibrant trajectory teaming with fascinating ventures. A string of upcoming events such as The Super Bowl, a 4-day extravaganza at Coachella in one of the largest venues, MTV Cribs house in Rancho Mirage and the electric Stagecoach Music Festival further underline Cartel Blue, Inc.’s commitment to fortifying its brand, extending its reach and enriching the consumer experience. 

As Philip Moreb aptly and excitingly expresses, “We had major success at the Formula 1 Grand Prix Event in Vegas with Colleen Shannon by our side representing Cartel Blue, Inc. We plan to continue the roadshow of events for 2024 with The Super Bowl, Coachella for a 4-day event, and Stagecoach Music Festival. We are closing Regulation A into 2024 with a BANG for the New Year.”

From the seasoned cigar aficionados to the fans of great music and unforgettable events, Cartel Blue, Inc. is crafting a series of engaging platforms for a diverse audience scope. 

Cartel Blue, Inc.’s dynamic journey and its persistent push for growth, innovation, and enhancement of shareholder value truly embodies the spirit of a business focused on an inspiring and promising future. 

Featuring a perfect blend of consumer engagement, event hosting, and smart utilization of regulatory provisions like Reg A+, Cartel Blue, Inc. is poised to surge beyond the limits, as it crafts a uniquely immersive experience and furthers its brand story. 

For those keen to keep pace with the latest from Cartel Blue, Inc., keep an eye on their event updates at and browse across their distinctive offerings at Experience what it means to be a part of the Cartel Blue, Inc. journey and join them as they step into a future laced with promise, excitement, and unbridled growth.

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