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Cicospace Events: A Platform For Professional Stage Footage

Cicospace Events: A Platform For Professional Stage Footage
Photo Credited To: Aaron Knipp, Founder Of Cicospace

The Cicospace Legacy: A Strategic Partner for Keynote Speakers

When you think of Cicospace, envision a strategic partner committed to problem-solving and innovation in the keynote speaking industry. As the largest public relations firm dedicated to this niche, Cicospace offers a comprehensive suite of services that keynote speakers can leverage to build and maintain a credible brand. From strategic PR and targeted marketing to specialized video production services like sizzle reels and master class footage, Cicospace is the go-to resource for speakers aiming to elevate their credibility.

The Footage Dilemma: The Unspoken Challenge of the Speaking World

Picture this: you’ve just delivered the best speech of your life, but the event organizers hand you footage that looks like it was shot on a potato. Sound familiar? In the keynote speaking arena, your sizzle reel is your passport to bigger stages and better opportunities. Yet, the quest for that perfect reel often turns into a wild goose chase, thanks to inconsistent filming services or subpar quality at many events.

Enter Cicospace Events: A Paradigm Shift

Cicospace Events is not just another stage; it’s a paradigm shift in how keynote speakers capture their magic moments. Imagine a controlled environment fine-tuned for perfection, where every camera angle is calculated, and every spotlight is optimized. Here, you’re not just capturing footage; you’re crafting a narrative, a story that will be the cornerstone of your brand. This initiative is the natural progress of Cicospace’s unwavering commitment to elevating keynote speakers through a holistic range of PR services.

The Scottsdale Experience: Where Opportunity Meets Excellence

The inaugural event in Scottsdale was more than just a milestone; it was a revelation. Participants didn’t just walk away with cinematic-quality footage; they left with new connections and potential collaborations. The event became a melting pot of industry professionals, from emerging speakers to seasoned agents and bureaus, all converging for a singular purpose: to elevate the art of keynote speaking.

Cicospace Events: Scottsdale Speakers

  • Eric J Rodriguez (Building A Human Centered Digital Future)
  • Erica Spiegelman (Thriving With Self Care)
  • Scott Love (Beat The Odds: Sales, Recruiting, Retention)
  • Cinthia Hiett (The Time Paradox)

The Road Ahead: Cicospace Events Goes National

The Scottsdale success story was just the prologue. Cicospace has already charted the course for the next chapters, with events planned in California, Utah, and Colorado. Each new location is a fresh canvas for speakers to paint their masterpiece, to capture the footage that could define their careers.

In Conclusion: The Dawn of a New Era with Cicospace

Under the leadership of founder Aaron Knipp, Cicospace is not just solving problems; it’s anticipating them. With the advent of Cicospace Events, the company has once again set the standard for what keynote speakers can expect from a public relations firm. It’s evident that Cicospace is inevitably making their mark in shaping the credibility of today’s speakers.

If you are a speaker, Cicospace would like to invite you to apply to our next event by visiting the contact section on their website.

If you are a speaker agent or bureau representative and would like to privately attend an event for talent acquisition please reach out to Aaron Knipp directly at

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