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Conquering the Fear of Selling: Insights from Marketing Guru Anna Zakkery

Conquering the Fear of Selling: Insights from Marketing Guru Anna Zakkery
Photo Courtesy: Anna Zakkery

By: Emily Parker

If you’re afraid of selling, you’re not alone. You’re a talented individual, undoubtedly an expert in your niche, and you have the potential to serve millions by offering your expertise and knowledge online. However, there’s one problem holding you back from starting your online career: fear of selling your product. So, what can you do?

Anna Zakkery, the founder and CEO of ZMG marketing and sales agency, a master of management, author of numerous educational online courses and books on digital marketing, currently educating over 7000 students, and a participant in the “Top 100 Entrepreneurs” ranking, shared her insights on overcoming this fear.

Here are her recommendations in direct speech. Read, memorize, and apply!

“For eight years, I’ve been involved in marketing and sales. Every day, as I enter the office and sit at my computer, I engage in sales, talk to people, and sell our products. I know every step needed to guide a conversation to persuade someone to choose a particular tariff or service and make a purchase.

When people tell me, ‘Anna, I’m afraid to sell,’ I always ask: What have you done to stop being afraid? And typically, the answer is nothing.

Over my eight years of work in marketing and sales, creating over 60 online educational products and developing over 20 experts, I am clear on one thing: the thing you could do for your career is to learn to sell.

Are you scared, uncomfortable, feeling like you’re begging the customer each time? This is trivial compared to the enormous benefit that selling skills will bring you. Let’s delve into this in detail.

Selling skills are used every day 

I have a seven-year-old daughter. Every morning when I want to offer her oatmeal instead of a peanut butter sandwich, I have to sell the idea that oatmeal is much tastier than a sandwich. Essentially, you apply the same methods when persuading a conversational partner to make a decision in your favor. You talk about the qualities of the products, why oatmeal is much better for her. And your statement must address a specific pain point that concerns the other person, not just that oatmeal has more vitamins and less sugar.

Every time you persuade a partner to go to a romantic comedy instead of an action movie, you’re using the same method. You’re not offering a compromise but convincing them that this choice is the right one for them at that moment.

In ZMG sales departments, there are over forty employees in Europe, America, and Argentina. And when people come to interview with us, I always say, ‘Guys, you’re so lucky! From the position of a sales manager, hundreds of millionaires have emerged.’ So, if you want to earn well and grow in your career, you’ll have to put your fear of sales aside and embrace it.

How to Start Selling

It’s impossible to live this life successfully without learning to sell. Understand this thought, accept this fact.

Do you want to advance your career? You need to learn how to sell. Want to earn in digital marketing like we do? You need to sell. Do you want to win in a beauty contest? Learn to sell yourself. Want to be a great conversationalist and impress people at parties? Learn to sell. You see, you have no other choice.

Now let’s change your paradigm when it comes to sales. Often people say, “When I sell, I feel like I’m pushing my product onto others.” But what if I told you that by offering a service, you’re actually saving someone?

The second objection I often hear is: “But people don’t have the money to afford our expensive service.” And I always reply: Why are you counting other people’s money? If someone attended your webinar, filled out an application, messaged you directly, or reacted to a video, they somehow got in touch with you and are interested in what you’re offering.

The only reason they might not buy from you is that you haven’t adequately demonstrated the value of your service. And if you don’t take their money, someone else will. Stop comforting yourself with the thought that this money will be invested in a child’s education, dental work, or an orthopedic mattress.

That won’t happen. They’ll spend it elsewhere, but without a guarantee of receiving a quality service or product. But you can vouch for yourself. You know for sure, I hope, that you’re selling quality that meets all standards. So save the person – take their money.

The Important Sales Rule

In online courses, webinars, and digital marketing, sales should be conducted on absolutely equal terms with the client. That is, on equal footing. Not from the position of “I’m below as a salesperson, asking the client to lower themselves to buy my services.” Not from the position of “I’m superior, and my client is inferior. So, pauper, do you have enough money for my service?” But from the position of “We are equals.” Because the client already has excellent expertise, a good background, and the means to pay. And you have an excellent product or service that will qualitatively change their life, career, and business.

In digital marketing, we often encounter sales on webinars and social networks. Let’s talk more about these two points. Regarding sales on webinars, there are several secrets.

I’ll tell you three points on how a webinar sale ends, which you need to master. For the webinar audience, there is a chat, and if you don’t react to it or say, “I see everything, but I’ll respond later,” or respond rudely or too complexly, it means you haven’t adapted to your target audience. And the sale falls through.

But if you react adequately and in a timely manner to comments, the sale is likely to be made.

The second point: emotions. It’s very important during a webinar, that is, within these two hours, to bond with the audience. To swing them on emotional swings: in cold moments – listen. In warm moments – be in the same connect on the principle of “I’m your friend, I’ve been in your situation.” At some point, make the audience laugh or cry. At such emotional moments, there is an increased conversion into an application and sale.

The third aspect, mandatory for sales on webinars, is the offer limitation. Right here and now, remember our favorite couch store: “If you buy this ring while I’m showing it on the screen, you get a 50% discount.” Remember these three points.

As for social networks, the process is more prolonged. In the European and American model of digital marketing, stars often fear selling their audience, thinking it’s inappropriate: “Well, this is my audience, I’ve nurtured it.” Guys, remember the change of perspective I mentioned earlier?

Your product is a healthy exchange. I improve your life, save you from mistakes with my product or service, and you, in return, give me money. Accordingly, to sell a blog, you need several elements:

  • Quality content;
  • Content that makes people want to come back;
  • Communication, creating a community within the blog.


This is also an important element for the audience to warm up, trust, and delve into the product’s values.

How to Overcome the Fear of Sales: Step by Step

  • Write down on paper all the negative aspects of sales: what you don’t like, what specifically scares you.
  • Now make a list of things you will never get if you don’t overcome your fear.
  • Analyze past attempts to sell and find mistakes.
  • Correct them by recontacting the client (audience).
  • Keep trying to sell until you succeed.


Anything unfamiliar always scares at first. But based on my own experience, I’ll tell you: don’t be afraid. Repeat attempts again and again. Act constantly. And sooner or later, you will definitely succeed!”


Published By: Aize Perez

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