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Cristina Hernandez: How Music Sparks Entrepreneurial Spirit

Cristina Hernandez: How Music Sparks Entrepreneurial Spirit
Photo Courtesy: Cristina Hernandez

By: Hannah Scott

Tune into the entrepreneurial symphony, and it’s the music artists who often play the lead, harmonizing innovation with resilience.

With its constant change and fierce competition, the music industry necessitates a blend of creativity, corporate intelligence, and sheer determination that many musicians naturally possess. 

Statistically, musicians are increasingly recognized for their entrepreneurial skills. A Berklee College of Music report highlighted that over 50% of artists are self-managed, and many more are involved in various aspects of music production, marketing, and brand development, illustrating the entrepreneurial spirit within the music community.

One such artist-entrepreneur is Cristina Hernandez, an emerging name in the music industry known as Cristi Hernz. Beyond her interesting beats and percussion-driven tracks, Cristina has ventured into the entrepreneurial side of music by creating Selva Beats MIA

Cristina’s initiative highlights her skill in two areas: music and business. She manages the challenges of building a brand and overseeing a music career in the modern digital landscape.

Selva Beats MIA, Cristina’s brainchild, was born out of a desire to fuse the vibrant energy of Miami’s diverse cultures with the global appeal of electronic music. It’s basically based on creating events orchestrated by Cristina herself, where DJs from across the country showcase their musical talent to the audience. 

This venture is not just a music collective; it’s a platform that celebrates diversity, promotes inclusivity, and bridges the gap between different musical traditions. “Music is a universal language that transcends boundaries,” Cristina says. “With Selva Beats, I wanted to create a safe space that showcases this diversity and fosters a sense of community among artists and audiences alike. Many artists think performing at a venue is only for veterans, but with Selva, we offer the opportunity to showcase your talent even if you just want to learn or are a veteran in the scene. Talent isn’t distinguished based off of a resume, it’s based off of the passion and exemplified through proper opportunity.

Navigating the music industry as an independent entrepreneur demands strategic thinking, resilience, and versatility. Securing gigs to managing finances, requires creative solutions and determination. 

Cristina’s approach to Selva was grounded in her understanding of the music industry’s dynamics from a very young age. By creating event platforms like “Selva Showcase” and a full production sound camp “Galactic Jungle” at Love Burn 2024 (the south regional event for Burning Man hosted in Miami, FL), Cristina attempts to blend live percussion with electronic beats. She collaborates with artists across genres, each step reflecting her strategic efforts to build a brand aligned with her artistic vision and values.

This journey wasn’t without its challenges. Cristina had to look into the competition to gain visibility and build a fanbase.” You learn by doing,” Cristina reflects. “There are no shortcuts in building something you believe in. It’s about staying true to your vision while adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the music world. The keyword in this whole process is consistency and believing in yourself and your project.

Managing a music career extends beyond brand development and event management. It involves understanding the market, identifying growth opportunities, and fostering industry relationships.

In line with this Cristina adopts a comprehensive approach that includes network building and arranging events.

Cristina’s proactive approach has been paying off since her high school days; she was awarded the Business Silver Knight Award, recognizing Cristina’s ongoing business within her DJ career and efforts to eventually lead to the creation of Selva Beats MIA. “Being involved in music as an extra income side hobby, I never knew why I was given the award for Business since I focused more on my sports as a child. Being captain of my softball and basketball teams in middle school, and playing sports everyday, I thought my award would be related to my athletics, but now I know why business was a great way to represent my passions and work ethics. As I grow into my newer brands, I learn I’ve been practicing all these skills all my life, and it’s very rewarding to see what my young self created as a foundation to my life today. Consistency is the key.” 

By their very nature, musicians embody patience and dedication—indispensable qualities in the business world. Creating music, from composing and arranging to performing and producing, requires persistence and resilience that translates well into entrepreneurship. 

Cristina’s journey from musician to entrepreneur sheds light on the interconnectedness of art and business. Through Selva Beats MIA, she has not only contributed to the musical landscape but also provided valuable lessons on brand development and the entrepreneurial process. 

But Cristina doesn’t want to stop at Selva. She is working on “Anonymous Frequencies,” an online publication which is aimed at women’s empowerment. Through this, Cristina will share untold stories of women, providing learning opportunities for others. 

Cristina’s story is a compelling reminder of how a background in music can equip people with the skills needed to succeed in business, proving that the rhythm of entrepreneurship often dances to the same beat as music.


Published By: Aize Perez

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