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Pioneering a New Era in Mental Healthcare, Cybin’s Unwavering Commitment to Psychedelic Therapies

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Cybin Inc., (NYSE American: CYBN) an esteemed clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, has fortified its financial standing with a share purchase commitment of CAD$41M, a notable development which further broadens its capital access to over US$70MM. Since its inception, Cybin has raised and accessed nearly C$200M, a testament to its progressive path in enhancing its clinical pipeline of unique psychedelic molecules. 

Cybin’s financial agility is not only a business tactic but also a strategic initiative designed to support the company’s primary mission: revolutionizing mental healthcare. In a world where an estimated 900 million individuals grapple with mental health conditions, Cybin aims to provide new, efficient, and innovative treatment options that address this widespread and often unmet need. 

Situated at the confluence of biomedical science and innovative therapeutic approaches, Cybin is dedicated to creating safe and effective psychedelic-based therapeutics. This commitment is backed by a consortium of internationally recognized scientists and top-tier partners. Together, they advance proprietary drug discovery platforms, pioneering drug delivery systems, and novel formulation approaches. 

The company’s portfolio currently includes the development of CYB003 and CYB004, proprietary deuterated psilocybin and DMT molecules. These are aimed at treating major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, respectively. These endeavors encapsulate Cybin’s mission of delivering effective solutions for mental health conditions that continue to challenge conventional treatment paradigms. 

Cybin’s global impact is not only theoretical but geographically tangible, with operations spanning five countries: Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Ireland. These locations serve as the springboard for Cybin’s future strategies and plans in the ever-evolving landscape of mental healthcare. 

On the horizon, Cybin anticipates near-term value-driving catalysts across its lead development programs. The company is eagerly awaiting the release of CYB004 Phase 1 topline data in Q3 2023, closely followed by CYB003 Phase 1/2a topline data expected towards the end of the same quarter. 

In response to the increasing acceptance and normalization of psychedelic therapies, Cybin has fully embraced the paradigm shift in public policy. It places high importance on developing novel, second-generation psychedelics that present optimized pharmacokinetic profiles. The ultimate goal is to create therapies with a shorter duration of action, which, in turn, may contribute to reduced side effects. 

Simultaneously, Cybin is investigating the potential of cutting-edge technology such as Kernel’s Flow®. This technology might generate quantitative data, enhancing the understanding of the effects and mechanisms of psychedelic therapies. Coupling advanced technologies with their innovative therapeutic approaches, Cybin is set to further solidify its position in the mental healthcare landscape. 

To ensure the effectiveness of their therapies, Cybin has implemented EMBARK, a psychological support model. EMBARK is specifically designed to provide consistent therapist training and patient support throughout clinical trials. This model embodies Cybin’s commitment to holistic care, highlighting the importance of psychological support in tandem with groundbreaking treatments. 

Cybin’s trajectory over the years demonstrates its commitment to revolutionizing mental healthcare. The company has completed over 250 pre-clinical studies, further progressing its lead programs toward FDA IND filings. Additionally, Cybin has over 50 granted or pending patent applications across six patent families, indicative of its growing influence and substantial contributions in the mental health sector. 

Cybin’s commitment to providing safe, effective, and innovative psychedelic-based therapies for mental health conditions is unrivaled. The firm is at the vanguard of what many believe to be the future of mental healthcare. It is striving relentlessly to transform the treatment landscape and provide hope for the hundreds of millions affected by mental health conditions globally. Through strategic financial management, novel scientific advancements, and compassionate patient care, Cybin is indeed pioneering a new era in mental healthcare. 


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