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Photo Courtesy: Donald Lavon Green, Jr. Founder, Famiglia Doro TV

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Recently celebrating its second anniversary, Famiglia Doro TV (Golden Family TV) is not just another digital and live-streaming TV platform. It is the world’s first economic development platform, offering investors a unique opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking venture. As the organization enters its expansion and scaling stage, it seeks to raise seed or venture capital funding.

 Famiglia Doro TV’s vision is to become the world’s leading digital TV Streaming Platform that gives ALL Content Creators the Power to Prosper.

 With growing education budget cuts and economic instability, Famiglia Doro TV offers schools and content creators alternative revenue streams and a sustainable business model with aligned incentives. This creates longevity and leverage in a fast-growing global streaming and ed-tech market.

 This platform is more than just a business. It is a solution that bridges public schools’ social, educational, and financial gaps and the economically distressed communities in which these schools exist. Famiglia Doro TV is deeply committed to empowering underprivileged students and content creators, offering them revenue-streaming business models to create a sustainable-self-sufficient future. Capital investment can help Famiglia Doro TV make a real difference in their lives.


Photo Courtesy: Yvonne Renee Davis, Co-Founder, Famiglia Doro TV

 Famiglia Doro TV is the brainchild of Donald Lavon Green, Jr. His dedication to the cause is unparalleled. To realize the Founder’s vision while overcoming his traumatic experience, Green devoted his time to building a closer bond with his Daughter by going to school with her daily. From first-hand experience, he witnessed students, parents, teachers, and administrators’ struggles with having scarce resources to teach and prepare them to learn and do something with it.

“These problems were ongoing, and understanding it is a longitudinal problem leaves the children’s future in question,” said Green. “What came from COVID-19 was that millions of students were missing from school due to physical and virtual truancy, and the learning level performance significantly dropped—however, social media platforms, programs, and the rise of the social media influencer soared with no clear direction, but like, love, and clicks.”

 With digital technology evolving, where do you think we are headed with the future of our youth – the first native digital generation?

The goal is to give content creators and youth a viable career pathway to monetize their content. “We are striving for this generation and all content creators to become a part of an evolution to a revolution for a rising Content Creator Economy,” said Green.


Photo Courtesy: Famiglia Doro TV Logo

Based on Famiglia Doro TV’s research from its team of experts and according to McKinsey & Company (2023), today, youths rely on smart devices for learning and activities outside of sports. This stems from schools’ lack of a sustainability plan due to the rising educational budget cuts.

Famiglia Doro TV creates a career pathway for youths and content creators of any age, educational level, and experience. It’s not enough to say you are a “YouTuber, TikToker, or Instagrammer,” said Yvonne Renee Davis, Co-Founder, host, and former Presidential Appointee to George W. Bush.

“Our team of educators, professionals, and business owners are entirely experienced in Career Pathways and entrepreneurship. Time is ticking regarding socially, educationally, and financially preparing this generation for a gainful digital future. Famiglia Doro TV is filling this gap.”

This innovative, autonomous platform has multiple channels for creating, producing, and displaying original domestic and global content without barriers. With  Famiglia Doro TV, you have complete control of your content and the money earned from day one, inspiring you to push the boundaries of your creativity and innovation.

Hosted on Amazon Fire, ROKU, Apple TV, iOS, Android, Samsung TV, and LG TV, Famiglia Doro TV has access to more than 300 million subscribers and is on 350 social media platforms.

Download the Famiglia Doro TV App on Google Play. To join Famiglia Doro TV’s Youth and Content Creator Economy, click here: For Investor queries, email:

Published by: Holy Minoza

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