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Gaukhar Urazgaliyeva: Setting Priorities, Understanding One’s True Values, and Finding a Balance Between Family and Career for a Woman is Achievable

Gaukhar Urazgaliyeva Balance Between Family and Career
Photo Courtesy: Gaukhar Urazgaliyeva

By: Elizabeth Wire

At the age of 37, Gaukhar Urazgaliyeva has achieved significant success in both her career and personal life. She has a wonderful large family and a beloved endeavor that not only brings pleasure, strength, and energy but also provides invaluable benefits to society.

Gaukhar is a successful businesswoman from Kazakhstan, the founder, and leader of the conceptual educational center for preschoolers, “Allem.” Over the course of 5 years, the center has nurtured more than 400 children, who have continued their education in prestigious schools in Kazakhstan and international institutions. Having patented her name, the entrepreneur has opened a second branch in the capital of Kazakhstan and launched a franchise across the CIS.

The project’s idea emerged when the young mother actively engaged in the development of her first daughter, experimenting with various methodologies. Armed with an effective American teaching methodology, a skilled staff, and her unique vision of the educational and creative process, Gaukhar successfully transformed the “Allem” center into a thriving and sought-after educational platform in the Kazakhstani market. She created a unique space with a psychologically comfortable atmosphere for children, where experienced educators cultivate a love for learning and reading books, unlocking their intellectual and creative abilities. A significant achievement of the entrepreneur was the establishment of her own English children’s library and the first English children’s reading club within the center.

Gaukhar has a special attitude towards reading. Apart from fiction and autobiographical literature, business and psychology books, she continues to be inspired by children’s books to this day. Particularly, she enjoys vibrantly illustrated editions, which she eagerly reads to the children at her center. She even learned sign language, Makaton, to ensure that children with mental and physical developmental differences are not left behind and can learn on an equal footing with everyone else at the center.

Recognizing that modern computer technologies and gadgets are gradually displacing books from the lives of the younger generation, Gaukhar actively strives to draw the attention of the government and society to this issue. She proposes implementing the methodology of the “Allem” center in Kazakhstan’s state children’s libraries and schools. One of her missions is to cultivate a reading nation in the country. Therefore, her primary focus in children’s education is on fostering a love for reading. In her opinion, teaching children to read and instilling a love for reading is the simplest and most guaranteed way to raise a literate and thoughtful generation.

Gaukhar has found her purpose in life and confidently follows the path set from above. Her achievements have not gone unnoticed. In 2021, as part of the “Inspiring Business Moms” project, she was included in the list of 50 women making a significant contribution to the development of Kazakhstan. In 2022, she received a letter of appreciation from the cultural and education attaché at the U.S. Embassy, Amber Aura. In 2023, “Allem” was recognized as the best development center in Astana.

The outgoing year has been extremely eventful for Gaukhar. After completing training at the “Get Published” writing school in Russia, she embarked on writing her own autobiographical book, “DNA of a Successful Business Lady.” In this book, she aims to share her life experience on how women can maximize self-realization in their careers and businesses while harmoniously balancing their passion with family life. In October, she launched her own online mentoring program for creative entrepreneurs on Instagram. Starting in November, she herself became a participant in the Cartier Women’s Initiative program at the Cartier Academy for entrepreneurs—a platform focused on supporting women impact entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

While helping to develop the preschool education system in the context of Kazakhstan’s state policy, Gaukhar plans to gradually expand the company’s strategy to the international market for educational services. 

Setting priorities, understanding one’s true values, and finding a balance between family and career for women is achievable. For a person with a goal, there are no obstacles. “Set goals in life because goals are dreams with a deadline” (Harvey Mackay).

Published by: Martin De Juan

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