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H10AI: Taking a Holistic Approach to AI and RPA Development for Positive ROI

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H10AI is a technology company specializing in AI and RPA tooling and solutions. The company takes a holistic approach to development, ensuring that all development efforts have a clear ROI and positively impact clients’ bottom lines. With an emphasis on Machine Learning, Robotics, and Robotics Processing Automation (RPA), H10AI works with innovative companies seeking to develop software solutions.

Helmut Neher, CEO, and Dillon Kearl, COO, lead H10AI. The company offers a range of services designed to help clients demystify AI and RPA, identify use cases, and develop and scale solutions. These services include a half to a one-day workshop to inspire clients about AI and RPA possibilities, data scientist-led use case validation, rapid prototyping and MVP sprints, production and scaling, and assessment of AI operations and recommendations for an industrialized operating model.

H10AI’s tools increase efficiency by 51%, reduce business costs by 45%, and improve employee experience by 42%. The company has delivered solutions globally in over a dozen different industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, medical, entertainment, finance, and sports analytics, among many others.

One of the exciting new ventures from H10AI is the launch of their Venture Capital solution. This solution automates data aggregation to aid investors in their decision-making process. It empowers them to visually communicate to colleagues and the investment committee why a deal should be advanced. The workflow for this solution involves uploading the deck into a shared drive and within 24 hours, receiving an email or text with a link to a data sheet that provides all the necessary information. This solution saves investors time and subscription fees for the platforms they would be using and will officially launch in July for $195/month per seat.

H10AI’s holistic approach towards development and focus on Machine Learning, Robotics, and RPA solutions make them a leader in their niche. With a wide range of services designed to demystify AI and RPA and develop scalable solutions, H10AI delivers tangible benefits to clients across industries. Launching their Venture Capital solution further solidifies their commitment to providing innovative solutions that positively impact clients’ bottom lines.

To learn more about H10AI, visit their website.

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