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Here’s How Jeff Roberts’ Consulting Firm Has Driven Over $2.4 Billion in Client Impact

Here’s How Jeff Roberts’ Consulting Firm Has Driven Over $2.4 Billion in Client Impact
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The role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) first emerged in the 1980s and has since become widely adopted across a variety of industries. CIOs are responsible for overseeing a company’s IT organization, ensuring the technologies and processes are up-to-date and support the company’s goals. However, many small to mid-sized businesses do not have the funds to employ a full-time CIO, resulting in critical mistakes with their technology. That’s where Innovation Vista comes in.

Jeff Roberts, the CEO and Founder of Innovation Vista, isn’t your average IT consultant. With a career spanning over two decades, he is the driving force behind Innovation Vista, a consultancy firm dedicated to making IT a driver of revenue and growth. Since its founding in 2019, the firm has contributed to over $2.4 billion in client revenue and cost savings. 

Where It All Began

Jeff’s journey began with the realization that many small to mid-sized companies were suffering due to their lack of CIO-level leadership. Seeing an opportunity to meet this need, Jeff embarked on a mission to provide tailored IT strategy and leadership assistance to small and mid-sized businesses through contract C-level IT consultants. “Our approach goes beyond efficiency to focus on monetizing IT and driving revenue, market share, and competitive advantage for our clients,” Jeff says.

What sets Innovation Vista apart in the consultancy world is its prioritization of revenue generation, market share growth, and personalization of services, shunning the idea that one size fits all. “We ensure the perfect fit for each client and project,” Jeff says. Innovation Vista’s extensive network of vetted consultants promotes that each client receives tailored solutions that fit their specific needs and objectives across a variety of industries including hospitality, government, construction, and real estate (to name a few). 

Three Principles for Success in IT

For Jeff, success is about making a meaningful impact on the lives of his clients and contributing to their success. He offers three principles that he recommends everyone in IT should adopt, principles that drive his company’s success: 

Expand the Horizon of Technology

Jeff emphasizes the importance of viewing technology as not merely a utility but as a strategic driver of revenue and customer satisfaction. “Recognize data as a valuable asset and leverage it to increase sales, productivity, and efficiency,” Jeff advises. IT can be a powerful accelerator, driving real growth in businesses and boosting revenue. 

Learn From Mistakes

Growing Innovation Vista wasn’t without its challenges. Jeff admits that there were occasions when he bit off more than he and his consultants could chew, but he learned valuable lessons along the way about managing expectations and avoiding overpromising. 

Invest in Expertise

The importance of having experienced IT leadership in place, especially for small and mid-sized businesses that may lack dedicated CIO-level guidance, can’t be stressed enough. Jeff advocates for embracing expertise in areas such as negotiation, strategy, and cultural development. By tapping into a network of experts, businesses can access the skills and knowledge needed to drive change. 

The Future of Innovation Vista

Jeff’s three principles for IT success offer invaluable insights for businesses looking to thrive in today’s digital age. Moving forward, Jeff remains committed to pushing the boundaries of IT innovation. His focus is on guiding clients through change management and providing ongoing support to set them apart from competitors.

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Published by: Martin De Juan

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