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How Tech Investor Anamaria Meshkurti Plans to Raise Funds for Balkan Startups

How Tech Investor Anamaria Meshkurti Plans to Raise Funds for Balkan Startups
Photo Courtesy: Anamaria Meshkurti

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Anamaria Meshkurti isn’t just an investor; she’s a visionary with a mission to transform the startup landscape in the Balkans. With a background in politics and a career spanning across continents, Meshkurti has honed her expertise in investment strategies and cultivated a keen eye for promising ventures. Her journey from Albania to Switzerland and now representing global investors in massive deals is a testament to her passion and determination to make an impact in entrepreneurship.

Humble Beginnings and an Inspiring Journey

Born and raised in Albania, Meshkurti pursued her studies in the UK, focusing on politics with aspirations of joining the United Nations. However, her path took a different turn when she moved to Switzerland in 2012 to work in Geneva. There, she immersed herself in the world of technology, gaining insights into standardization processes and governmental policies that would shape the future of innovation.

During her time in Geneva Meshkurti’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited. She conceptualized the idea of an incubator process for the United Nations but soon found herself drawn to the investment side of the equation. “I was working with a lot of companies to put them on the map for the startup hub,” she says. “I was on the committee of investment for Geneva and learned how to invest, finding deals and companies.” As Geneva invested heavily in becoming the next Silicon Valley, Meshkurti played a pivotal role in positioning the city as a thriving startup hub. 

Meshkurti’s journey continued as she moved to a family office in Texas, where she served as a partner for Europe. Here, she spearheaded investments in medical device startups, overseeing multiple deals worth millions of dollars each year. These experiences were a stepping stone for Meshkurti’s ultimate venture: AMVS Capital.

Joining AMVS Capital

As a tech investor and strategic board member at AMVS Capital, Meshkurti and her team represent high-net-worth individuals seeking investment opportunities in startups. Their process involves vetting deals, supporting startups with investment readiness, and connecting them with potential investors. Meshkurti takes a comprehensive approach, focusing on aligning clients with the right investors, evaluating their needs, conducting due diligence, and ultimately closing deals successfully. 

When identifying promising ventures, Meshkurti emphasizes the importance of assessing the team, evaluating burn rates, and considering regional potential. “We need to know that they have good leadership to ensure the strongest chance of success,” she explains. She believes in backing not just innovative technology but also strong leadership capable of steering companies toward success. Meshkurti’s portfolio includes investments in diverse sectors such as virtual reality, hospitality, and digital health, each with the potential to disrupt industries and drive significant returns.

How Tech Investor Anamaria Meshkurti Plans to Raise Funds for Balkan Startups

Photo Courtesy: Anamaria Meshkurti

Challenges Faced and Looking to the Future 

However, Meshkurti acknowledges that navigating the investment space isn’t without its challenges. Despite her extensive knowledge and experience, she found breaking into the industry daunting. “The investment space is a black box. It’s difficult to get into, even with all my knowledge and study,” she says. “It’s important to learn the terms, be well-connected, and find a good mentor.” 

Looking ahead, Meshkurti has her sights set on a bold ambition: to raise a fund that will invest in tech companies in the Balkans. Recognizing the untapped potential of this region, she envisions providing smaller-scale investments that could fuel substantial growth. With lower labor and living costs, Balkan startups have the opportunity to thrive with the right support and funding.

As Anamaria Meshkurti continues her journey of empowering entrepreneurs and driving innovation, her dedication to realizing her long-term goal of bolstering the startup ecosystem in the Balkans remains unwavering. Through her work at AMVS Capital and upcoming ventures such as Moneys Magazine and her soon to be launched Moneys Talks podcast, Meshkurti is sure to leave a lasting legacy in the world of global investing. 

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