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InnerScope Hearing Technologies (OTC: INND):” Providing Affordable, High-Quality Hearing Aids to Millions of Americans

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Hearing loss is a common issue affecting millions of people worldwide, and it can significantly impact people’s quality of life, leading to isolation, depression, and cognitive decline. Unfortunately, many people with hearing loss go untreated due to the high cost of hearing aids and the inconvenience of traditional hearing care models. However, InnerScope Hearing Technologies, trading on the OTC Market under the stock symbol (INND), is changing this narrative by providing affordable, high-quality over-the-counter hearing aids directly to consumers.


InnerScope’s mission is to offer a new approach to hearing care by moving it out of clinics and into people’s homes. Through its innovative Over-the-Counter (OTC) Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Technology Market model, InnerScope is breaking down barriers to access and creating new opportunities for those needing hearing aids. InnerScope delivers the same quality and support as traditional brick-and-mortar channels but at a fraction of the cost.


According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), approximately 37.5 million American adults have some degree of hearing loss, and this number is expected to increase to 50 million by 2050. Yet, only one in four people who could benefit from hearing aids have used them. The high cost of traditional hearing aids is one of the primary reasons people go without treatment. However, InnerScope’s HearingAssist and iHEAR brands offer FDA-registered OTC rechargeable hearing aids at prices that start at $499 for a complete set.


InnerScope’s hearing aids include professional remote programming and support services with one of its Doctors of Audiology and licensed hearing professionals, ensuring users receive the best care and support. In addition to its affordable pricing, InnerScope has created an innovative in-store model that uses point-of-sale Hearing Screening Kiosks located in large retail and pharmacy chains. As a result, consumers can take a quick and easy hearing screening test and purchase an over-the-counter hearing aid on the spot. In addition, this model makes InnerScope’s OTC hearing aids accessible to consumers nationwide.


InnerScope has also launched its hearing aids and related hearing products on, and, These online stores make it easy for the 70 million consumers enrolled in flexible spending accounts (FSA), health saving accounts (HSA), and employer health incentive programs to access InnerScope’s OTC hearing aids and related products.


InnerScope’s hearing aids are FDA-registered, over-the-counter medical-grade rechargeable devices that offer Bluetooth app-controlled features with full audio-streaming and hands-free phone calls. The company also provides hearing aid cleaning supplies, ear care products, and batteries. These products are designed to help consumers take control of their hearing care and improve their quality of life.


InnerScope’s full line of its HearingAssist and iHEAR branded Hearing Products is currently available through these multiple retail/wholesale distribution channels: Walmart Vision Centers,, Walmart Canada,,,,,,, AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health, Cardinal Health™ at-Home,,,,, Giant Eagle / Hy-Vee / Hartig Drug / Food City / Wakefern Food Corp. / ShopRite / SpartanNash / VG’s Grocery /  Family Fare  / Martin’s Super Markets  / Kholl’s Pharmacy & Homecare and Topco Associates representing 15,000+ store locations.


This vast distribution network ensures that InnerScope’s hearing aids are accessible to millions of Americans. InnerScope’s innovative approach to hearing care has already helped thousands of people improve their quality of life, and it is poised to help many more. By offering affordable, high-quality OTC hearing aids and breaking down barriers to access, InnerScope is leading the way in improving people’s quality of life and empowering them to take control of their hearing care.


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