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Merch For Dog Lovers Introduces the Luxe Pooper Scooper

Merch For Dog Lovers Introduces the Luxe Pooper Scooper
Photo Courtesy: Leon "Shades" Ndemo

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As a discerning dog owner, you spare no expense when it comes to your furry friend. Yet despite luxury beds, gourmet treats and couture accessories, one glaring issue remains – unpleasant waste pickup until now.

Worry no more! 

Now, you can transform that unsightly task into a moment to showcase your exceptional tastes with the ultimate canine waste removal. 

Merch For Dog Lovers has unveiled its newest offering – the World’s Most Expensive Pooper Scooper. With a starting price of $499.99 for the SLS model and $289.95 for the MJF version, it is crafted to appeal to those of distinguished tastes. Sleek, Stylish and Seriously Smart!

Merch For Dog Lovers Introduces the Luxe Pooper Scooper

Photo Courtesy: Leon “Shades” Ndemo

“Shades” from Los Angeles is the man behind this product,  an artist and entrepreneur on a mission to transform the pet care experience. His insight was that affluent dog enthusiasts in his community felt existing solutions for managing canine waste lacked elegance and ease of use.

“It’s 2024, dog lovers should not have to touch dog poop,” says Shades. His aim is to spare owners the burden of cleanup while strengthening bonds with their furry companions.

Merch For Dog Lovers Introduces the Luxe Pooper Scooper

Photo Courtesy: Leon “Shades” Ndemo

“I would like dog lovers to have access to fine art,” Shades added. 

The company also offers custom pet portrait commissions, immortalizing beloved animals in painterly splendor.

Merch For Dog Lovers Introduces the Luxe Pooper Scooper

Photo Courtesy: Leon “Shades” Ndemo

With the World’s Most Expensive Pooper Scooper and services for canine-centric art collectors, Merch For Dog Lovers is improving life for discerning pet owners. Scoop waste with flair and celebrate puppy love through art – it’s a movement as nuanced as it is necessary.

Expertly designed with discerning dog lovers in mind, this all-in-one product simplifies daily walks, trips to the park and outdoor playtime. No more scrambling to find stray bags or remembering separate scoops. This sleek accessory contains everything needed for easy cleaning in one convenient spot – freeing you to focus on time with your beloved pet.

Your pup’s accessories showcase your exclusive standards, so why settle for basic plastic scoopers that constantly fall apart? This must-have cleaner elevates functionality into a coveted statement piece. Its bespoke craftsmanship and innovative features announce refined tastes, sparing your hands from ever directly touching messy piles again.

As any doting dog parent knows, our furry friends give us immeasurable joy and complete comfort. Yet no one looks forward to managing their unpleasant messes. By revolutionizing waste removal, this product prevents smelly accidents from interrupting delightful moments together. Enjoy your regular walks, trips to the dog park and backyard play sessions even more, knowing cleanup takes just seconds. 

Busy owners want to maximize fun play sessions, relaxing cuddle time, exciting ball games and leisurely nature strolls with beloved pets. Yet no one wants these special moments constantly interrupted by unpleasant pitstops involving messy cleanups. With hands-free simplicity built-in, this innovative accessory prevents such smelly accidents from detracting from memorable moments together.

Give your precious pet the quality comfort, care and companionship they deserve while simplifying your life. Transform an annoying chore into a chance to show off your exceptional tastes. 

If you want to learn more about their products and be updated for their upcoming events, visit or email info@merchfordoglovers with your questions.

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