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How Miranda Daisy Promotes Inclusion in Performing Arts

How Miranda Daisy Promotes Inclusion in Performing Arts
Photo Courtesy: Perform Ability

By: Joshua Finley

Over a decade ago, Miranda Daisy embarked on a journey to redefine the landscape of performing arts education. As the founder of Perform Ability, her story is one of passion, perseverance, and profound transformation.

Miranda and her team operated from humble settings in the early days: disability service providers, local sports grounds, and community halls. Their mission was clear—to bring the joy of music, dance and expression to all, regardless of circumstance. It was from these modest beginnings that the seeds of Perform Ability were sown.

But Miranda’s vision knew no bounds. Fueled by a relentless dedication to inclusivity, she dreamt of a space where everyone could feel welcome, barriers would be dissolved, and creativity would flourish. And so, with unwavering determination, Miranda led Perform Ability on a remarkable journey of growth and evolution.

Today, nestled within the community stands Perform Ability’s crowning achievement—a purpose-built, fully accessible studio space. It is more than just bricks and mortar; it is a sanctuary of creativity, a testament to Miranda’s unwavering belief in the power of the arts to unite and empower.

Under Miranda’s guidance, Perform Ability has become synonymous with excellence—a place full of hope and inspiration for all who cross its threshold. Yet, her impact extends far beyond the walls of the studio. Miranda has emerged as a thought leader and a voice for inclusivity in performing arts education. Her passion is infectious, and her message resonates as she empowers fellow educators to embrace diversity and champion inclusivity in their practices.

In Miranda Daisy’s story, we find not just a tale of leadership and innovation but a testament to the transformative power of one woman’s unwavering belief in the arts’ potential to change lives.

How Miranda Daisy Promotes Inclusion in Performing Arts

Photo Courtesy: Perform Ability

A Vision Ignited by a Need for Inclusivity 

Miranda’s journey with Perform Ability began in 2009, driven by an encounter with a young girl who had both hearing impairments and Down syndrome. Recognizing the lack of accessible dance programs, Miranda embarked on a mission to create a space where individuals of all abilities could thrive. Inspired by this realization, she began her mission to create a space where everyone, regardless of ability, could flourish through the art of dance and performance.

Reflecting on the inception of Perform Ability, Miranda shares, “That sweet student’s presence made every class rewarding. Her mother mentioned that there were no dance programs for people with disabilities… well, that soon changed!”

Transforming Lives, One Dance at a Time

The impact of Perform Ability extends far beyond the dance studio, with countless success stories highlighting the profound transformations experienced by students. Miranda recounts, “I had students who wouldn’t talk who are now singing on stage. Some couldn’t go out socially but now are performing partners dancing on stages around the globe.”

Through dedicated training, tailored lesson plans, and a commitment to individualized support, Perform Ability has empowered students to overcome barriers, build confidence, and embrace their full potential. “I always knew dance was important,” Miranda says, “but I never realized how it could change someone’s life.”

Perform Ability Academy: A Revolutionary Course

After over fifteen years of Perform Ability, people all over Australia want to attend one of Miranda’s Perform Ability programs. To address this growing demand and ensure inclusivity in the performing arts, Miranda launched the Perform Ability Academy™,️ an instructor training course designed to empower educators with the tools and knowledge needed to foster inclusivity within their classes. This course represents a significant milestone in moving toward a more accessible performing arts community. This course will empower and teach educators the knowledge and skills needed to work with the disability community. 

The Future of Perform Ability

As Miranda continues to expand Perform Ability’s reach and impact, she works hard to ensure the studio remains steadfast in its commitment to making inclusive performing arts education accessible — locally and now on a global scale. Perform Ability offers a range of programs to support the industry in embracing inclusivity. These include training sessions tailored for dance studios and performing arts companies, equipping them with the skills to work with people of all abilities and seamlessly integrate individuals with disabilities into their studios. Additionally, Perform Ability allows qualified individuals to license the Perform Ability program, expanding its reach and impact. Moreover, Perform Ability now holds bi-annual three-day teacher training workshops. These workshops provide immersive experiences designed for educators, empowering them to promote inclusivity within their educational settings.

Miranda says, “Our mission has always been to make our program accessible for everyone, everywhere. We believe that by sharing our knowledge with wonderful teachers across the globe, we can achieve our mission.”

Through Miranda and Perform Ability’s pioneering efforts, they are reshaping the landscape of performing arts education one step at a time.

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Published by: Nelly Chavez

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