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Ramin Popal on Bouncing Back from Failure to Achieving Success as an Entrepreneur

Failure is not something anybody wants to experience, but, in the world today, filled with many successful people, it comes as part of the package. Ramin Popal had his share of failure at an early age, but he has used it as a stepping stone to becoming successful and inspiring.

The 22-year-old entrepreneur failed early but failed forward as he turned around his story from being a broke college drop-out who had no idea what he wanted to do with himself to making his first million at the age of 21 and running a 7-figure company at the age of 22. Despite failing the way he did, the founder of Ecomm Sharks returned to the drawing board, visualized the life he wanted for himself and went at it with determination, doggedness and grit.

Ramin Popal lives the life of a hugely successful person as he now lives in penthouses, drives exotic cars, flies first class and knows the right words to inspire and motivate people. He uses his social media for a lot of good, connecting with people, dropping inspiring and motivational words and helping people improve their lives in different ways.

On his journey of overcoming failure and becoming successful, he faced numerous obstacles. In addition to those obstacles were his close friends and relatives doubting his abilities. He recalls: “That was the darkest point in my life, and that made things worse. It was bad enough that entrepreneurship was kicking me while I was down, but even worse were the people I loved not giving as little as a tiny dose of belief in my dreams. The only thing I did for myself was not let any of all that deter me as I focused on my journey and turning my situation around.”

Things changed significantly for Ramin Popal with his full commitment to the digital world and exploring the various ways he could make use of the endless opportunities it presented. E-commerce was becoming a thing, but he found himself deep in a hole when he applied the wrong strategy in his first attempt at e-commerce. He made the mistake of buying stock and ended up not selling all the products he bought. This was a learning curve for him as he took another path of drop shipping, which entailed getting customers for a product before purchasing it and shipping it to them. His growth from that point was astronomical, and he ended up evolving to become the e-commerce guru that he is today.

Ramin Popal has grown as a digital entrepreneur and mastered the art of developing businesses to keep up with customer behavior and trends. He’s a chief proponent of building a branded business and creating a business personality for anyone looking to thrive in the business world. He has dedicated himself to teaching people how to be the best in the business world and conquer the niche they find themselves. Ramin Popal has caught the attention of many successful entrepreneurs and has been featured on notable media platforms like Virgin Radio Dubai, which has hosted Gary Vee and many others. While he revels in and enjoys his success, Ramin Popal also takes his time to educate other people. His company, Ecomm Sharks, has been doing a great job in educating people and teaching them some of the most important strategies they need to succeed in the business world. As a mentoring platform, Ecomm Sharks guides its members on how to start and build successful e-commerce businesses. In Ramin’s world, there is no room for failure, and he strives to make that clear each time he talks to people about his journey.

“I want everyone to realize one thing – you can achieve anything that you put your mind to, and there is no limitation to how far you can go. Failure is necessary to succeed, so the more times you fail, the closer you get to success. Most importantly, work smart and never give up,” Ramin said. 

In the next few years, Ramin Popal is working on becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs who share knowledge and tips to make others successful. “The least I can do is help other people get to the top, and I am trying to do that right now through my social media platforms and my company, Ecomm Sharks. I want to see young people win, and I hope they see my story and become inspired,” Ramin said. Growing from a young kid that no one believed in into becoming a guru in the business world is a turnaround no one expected. However, defying the odds is what Ramin Popal knows best, and every day he’s executing something new to show the world that he’s one of a kind.

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