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RED PAC’s Strategic Endorsement Powers Zac Howell to Victory in August 29th Forrest County Tax Collector Runoff

Photo Credited To: Zac Howell Facebook Page

In the August 29th runoff election for the Forrest County Tax Collector race in Mississippi, Zac Howell emerged victorious, marking a significant milestone in local governance and community development. Howell, a stalwart advocate for private property rights, government transparency, and rural economic development, secured the win with 55% of the vote, tallying 3,074 votes compared to his opponent’s 2,538. A crucial factor in Howell’s electoral success was his strategic endorsement from RED PAC, a political action committee with goals that closely align with his own principles.

RED PAC has made it its mission to cultivate a political climate that supports strong private property rights, transparent governance, and robust economic growth in communities across America. The PAC’s endorsement of candidates who embody these values is a key tactic in fostering a more accountable and transparent-centered political environment.

Zac Howell’s commitment to the principles of governance runs deep, reflecting a family legacy of political involvement. His grandfather, a former State Senator in Mississippi, was renowned for his sound governance and steadfast defense of private property rights—a legacy that no doubt influenced RED PAC’s decision to endorse Howell.

Howell’s campaign resonated strongly with Forrest County residents, many of whom share his focus on the issues of property rights, transparency, strong renewable energy, economic growth and responsible use of taxpayer dollars. 

The outcome of the runoff serves as a resounding affirmation of the principles that both Howell and RED PAC champion. Howell’s win, secured with a convincing 55% of the vote, undoubtedly benefited from the legitimacy and voter turnout generated by RED PAC’s strategic endorsement.

The August 29th election result is a testament to the kind of governance that values of economic development, protecting private property rights, insisting on transparency, and fostering the integrity of taxpayer dollars. Both Howell and RED PAC are enthusiastic about the prospects for impactful governance in Forrest County and hopeful that these principles will gain wider adoption.

Zac Howell’s victory in the August 29th Forrest County Tax Collector runoff represents an electoral win that goes beyond the ballot box; it’s an endorsement of foundational principles that both he and RED PAC advocate. This resulted not just in a win at the polls but in a strong statement of the values that make a community robust and well-governed.

While political endorsements are often seen as mere stamps of approval, RED PAC takes the matter far more seriously. Their endorsement isn’t just a sign of casual support; it’s an emblem of a rigorous due diligence process that every candidate must undergo to even be considered for backing.

The first layer of RED PAC’s due diligence involves a thorough vetting process to ensure that the candidate’s platform aligns precisely with the PAC’s core principles of strong private property rights as a cornerstone of individual freedom and prosperity, increasing government transparency at the local level, promoting accountability, combating corruption, and ensuring that the government truly serves the people it represents and supporting increased energy independent economic development opportunities that acknowledge the significance of rural communities and their contributions to our nation’s economy. It’s not enough for a candidate to merely touch upon these issues; they must display a commitment to these ideals as central pillars of their campaign.

RED PAC’s endorsement is also based upon the candidate running an effective campaign. This doesn’t merely mean having a polished marketing strategy or a charismatic presence on social media. Instead, RED PAC looks for candidates who have a holistic, well-structured campaign that effectively reaches the voters and drives home the importance of the issues at hand. Efficiency, organization, and a deep understanding of electoral logistics are key components of what RED PAC considers an “effective campaign.”

Finally, RED PAC insists that candidates be vocal and transparent about what they believe in. In an age where political double-speak is rife, the PAC values candidates who are clear and unambiguous in their stance on crucial issues. Candidates must not only have the right beliefs but also the courage to publicly champion them, standing against opposition if needed.

Because of these stringent criteria, an endorsement from RED PAC carries weight. It signifies that the candidate doesn’t merely talk the talk but also walks the walk. Zac Howell’s endorsement, for example, wasn’t an arbitrary decision but the result of this exacting due diligence process. This is why his victory in the August 29th Forrest County Tax Collector runoff election is not just a win for Howell, but a vindication of RED PAC’s meticulous candidate evaluation process.

Through this strict due diligence process, RED PAC aims to set a gold standard for political endorsements, ensuring that they back candidates who are not only aligned in principle but are also effective, vocal advocates for the issues that matter the most to their community and the country at large.

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