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Robertson Human Asset: A Point of Contact for Organizations Looking for the Right Top Talent

Becoming an agent of change has everything to do with establishing the right mindset, and this is indeed what Robertson Human Asset is all about. Linda Robertson has first-hand experience with the struggles of corporations that did not have programs, processes, tools and partners to recruit top talent or support, train and retain their key contributors. Thus, launching Robertson Human Asset was her way of taking a step in the right direction toward connecting organizations with the right talents.

Since 2000, Robertson Human Asset has placed high-performing sales and management professionals into growing companies while providing business-to-business consulting solutions and services to assist them with revenue generation. In addition to these, Linda is also at the forefront of delivering coaching services to individuals and management teams to help them identify existing opportunities for growth and expansion. Her unique approach, which has contributed to her outstanding success, helps clients develop the right systems and processes and hire the right staff.

Robertson Human Asset recruitment services cover job roles like medical and dental Sales Representatives, VP of Sales, Regional Directors, Directors of Marketing, CEO, and various medical device sales leadership roles all over Canada and the United States. The company caters to clients with employee sizes between 30 and 300. “Our goal is to let our clients know that they need to think about hiring strategies to thrive and grow within the markets they serve. And this growth can only happen by working with the right company,” Linda said.

Linda’s passion for coaching candidates and helping them find roles that make them happy every day spurred her to build Robertson Human Asset. She makes sure to teach her candidates how to invest in their careers to achieve growth and success. “Investment goes beyond spending your money. The best investments often come in the form of time and effort. I always tell people to make learning a part of their daily routine. When people talk about professional development, they usually think of courses paid for by the company. But learning is more powerful if you’re doing it on your terms and enjoying it. I often recommend picking topics related to their career. They can listen to podcasts, attend seminars, take courses, etc.,” Linda said.

As the founder of a reputable company in the recruitment space and an expert career coach, she shares that the most important tip everyone should take seriously is to focus more on their strengths rather than their weaknesses. “Delegate your weaknesses if you can, or use tools and systems to help you in these areas and enhance and develop your areas of strength and mastery. They are your areas of genius and where you will be a success,” she said. The other important tips she shared include networking with mentors, inner circle, outer circle, loose acquaintances, and staying consistent and true to one’s career and personal goals.

Over the next few years, Linda sees Robertson Human Asset keeping up its high standards of recruitment services and career development assistance. The numerous positive results it has achieved for individuals and organizations are too significant to ignore, and plans are in place to keep those results up.


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