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Stephanie Tourtellotte Playing a Notable Role in Solving Real Estate Challenges

Real estate is one industry that has significantly changed many people’s lives with ease of use by streamlining the process of home buying. The convenience of searching for homes with the aide apps, to virtual home viewings and online loan applications, the process is no longer as daunting. 

 Many Real Estate professionals have built careers out of their passion for helping people through the homebuying process. Stephanie Tourtellotte, Our Southern California real estate expert with 23 years of experience, is one of those who are passionate about solving clients’ problems and making their lives significantly easier.

Stephanie Tourtellotte owner of Sterner Homes  has gained significant experience working with amazing clientele all over Southern California. She has also grounded herself as a key part of the community with her efforts toward fixing homelessness and her efforts to aid and relieve hunger. 

Over the years, Stephanie Tourtellotte has become an expert at efficient time management as she helps her clients solve their real estate concerns within the shortest time frames possible. “For our sellers, we have the ability in-house to pre-qualify the buyer, bringing offers to the table so that time is used efficiently. We help our sellers know in advance what they will be netting and letting go of any of the common buyer qualification trap doors that so often slow or stop a transaction. For our buyers, we do the homework ahead of time, completely pre-approving them so they can shop confidently and so that the sellers we present these great  offers to can confidently choose to work with us,” she said. 

We are currently in a sellers market, interest rates are back where they started pre-covid, yet based on historical data they are still considered low, but moving steadily upwards week by week.  The trend going into winter with the change in the rates indicates a cooling trend for home sellers, yet not a quick overnight shift over to a buyers market. Inventory is still on the low side. 

Sterner Homes caters to a vast range of clientele, from relocation specialists to VA buyers and sellers, first-time single-women homebuyers, young professionals, and upgraders. “We recommend to our clients the highest-impact home staging designs, based on our experience selling thousands of homes at no extra cost,” Stephanie said. The professionals at Sterner Homes take immense pride in their strong negotiation skills, creativity and willingness to pay attention to customers’ needs and end goals. Regardless of the number of steps each real estate transaction requires, the company pays utmost attention to the people it helps and takes care of their needs every step of the way.

Stephanie Tourtellotte’s drive is fueled by her desire to be an outstanding real estate professional. “I knew that I wanted to be better than everyone else and offer a more responsive, tailored experience for my buyers, sellers and mortgage clients. I also knew that not many agents would go the distance to help their clients overcome various obstacles that get in the way, and I just knew I could go the distance in helping clients with tailored plans to follow to realize their homeownership dreams,” she explained.

Her goal is to show each and every client, in every transaction, that they are highly valued. This is why she maintains utmost professionalism to keep them assured and seeking to with her and Sterner Homes over and over. “Reliability is important,  I strive to give every client the feeling that they are our top priority,” she shared.

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