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“The Future” – Pioneering the Next Wave of Television on CNN Philippines

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In an exciting development for television enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike, CNN Philippines is gearing up to launch “The Future,” a groundbreaking series that’s set to change the way we look at technology and its impact on our lives. Hosted by the charismatic trio of Jared Dillinger, Kate Hancock, and Daniel Robbins, the show is scheduled for its much-awaited premiere on December 6, 2023.

This innovative series is designed to be more than just a show; it’s a journey into the realms of technology and innovation. Each episode of “The Future” promises to take the audience through different sectors like artificial intelligence, immersive events, gaming, and health care, offering a rounded perspective on the advancements that are shaping our tomorrow.

What sets “The Future” apart is its engaging format, which includes not only in-depth discussions with leading experts and innovators but also exclusive visits to some of the most forward-thinking companies and events in the tech world. These segments are tailor-made to bring the latest technological advancements right into the living rooms of viewers.  With guests like Todd Schweitzer CEO of Brankas, Henry Aguda Named as President and CEO of UnionDigital Bank, Len Findlay CEO of Saltwarer Games, Jason Brink President of Blockchain from Gala Games, Rosalind Lee CEO of, Eman Pulis CEO of SiGMA, Ed from PR at 9 Dynasty, Zach Hirsch Co-Founder of Mozverse, and Gary Vaynerchuck (Gary V) CEO of VaynerMedia and creator of VeeCon.

Speaking about the show, Kate Hancock, one of the hosts, notes, “As the business world evolves rapidly, staying ahead of the curve is key. ‘The Future’ is here to bridge that gap. We’re turning complex tech concepts into practical strategies, helping leaders and entrepreneurs navigate the new challenges of tomorrow’s business landscape.”

Daniel Robbins adds, “In today’s fast-paced world, keeping up with technology can be daunting. ‘The Future’ aims to demystify this process, offering a platform where experts break down emerging tech trends, making them accessible for everyone, whether in business or their day-to-day professional life.”

Jared Dillinger shares his enthusiasm, stating, “I’m thrilled about our new journey on CNN Philippines with ‘The Future.’ Our aim is to provide a window into what’s next, not just focusing on new gadgets but unraveling the ideas and patterns that will shape our future. It’s about exploring the unknown and bringing those insights to our viewers.”

“The Future” is an invitation to explore, to think differently, and to be inspired. It’s about staying informed and getting excited about the innovations that are set to revolutionize our world.

Catch the premiere of “The Future” on December 6th on CNN Philippines, where each episode will delve into a new theme, promising to both enlighten and captivate the audience.

For more details, episode guides, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content, visit Follow the hosts on social media at @officialkatehancock, @realdrobbins, and @Jdaredevil2 for the latest updates.

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