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To and From the Airport, TPA Shuttles Welcomes Florida Travelers to a Convenient Transportation Experience

The beautiful Sunshine State is home to remarkable scenery and friendly people. It is known for being an amazing travel destination, but transportation services leave so much to be desired. No matter where they go, avid travelers from all over the world know the drudgery of finding convenient transportation that’s accessible, affordable, and, most of all, safe. Luckily, TPA Shuttles provides all of these amazing benefits in spades, giving travelers an exceptional transport option with its fleet of luxury Mercedes-Benz sprinter vans.

Founded by Ahmed Abuelenen, TPA Shuttles was initially conceptualized when he noticed the many pain points of his community’s transportation system. As a Florida local, Ahmed discovered the growing need for better transportation by experiencing the many challenges firsthand. Thus, he created an intuitive solution that would finally solve the longstanding issues once and for all.

Florida welcomes more than 100 million tourists and visitors each year, most of whom have to suffer through the lack of high-quality transportation options that are readily available. TPA Shuttles plays an important role in the ever-growing travel industry, providing high-quality transportation services going to and from Tampa International Airport (TPA) and Orlando International Airport (MCO). 

TPA Shuttles boasts a professional team of drivers who travel back and forth between Tampa International Airport and Orlando International Airport. The drivers make their runs 16 times a day on the daily, making sure no passenger is left behind. Apart from its reasonable $50 fixed rate, the shuttle service gives travelers the option to either make an online reservation or pay when they step into the company’s luxury Mercedes-Benz sprinter vans. 

TPA Shuttles provides faster, more convenient, and more affordable transportation services than ride-sharing apps, car rentals, or other services by other companies in the area. With its customer-centric approach, its dedicated team of drivers goes above and beyond expectations. 

In its efforts to serve every passenger to the best of its abilities, TPA Shuttles operates under extended hours to cater to customers traveling in the early mornings or late nights. The company currently offers eight trips each for Tampa International Airport and Orlando International Airport. Pick-up and drop-off are scheduled at two-hour intervals, and vehicles depart 30 minutes after arrival to give ample time for clients should there be possible delays. 

In the name of luxury and convenience, TPA Shuttles promises to maintain the same level of quality with each trip. The drivers have been rigorously trained to bring the best possible customer experience, no matter the conditions. For passengers unable to make an advanced reservation, TPA Shuttles provides them with available spaces and an option to use cashless payments on-site.

Each passenger is valuable to the TPA Shuttles team. Whether they may be boarding with children, service animals, or pets, the drivers will welcome everyone with open arms. With regards to maintaining the gold standard of the company’s services, drivers undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure that they can meet the requirements of quality, competence, knowledge, and friendliness that TPA Shuttles is known for.

TPA Shuttles also conducts regular inspections, maintenance, and vehicle repairs to guarantee the safety of its passengers. It is fully compliant with the CDC’s guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19, training its drivers to sanitize each vehicle between rides. 

Ahmed Abuelenen’s brainchild has definitely become a travel staple within the Sunshine State. Many satisfied clients have voiced their positive experiences with TPA Shuttles, and the company’s success isn’t showing signs of slowing down any time soon. 


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