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Unveiling the Voices of the Future: RePlatform’s Freedom Economy Convention Showcases Its Visionary Roster Speakers

Unveiling the Voices of the Future: RePlatform's Freedom Economy Convention Showcases Its Visionary Roster Speakers
Photo Courtesy: Heather Holmes and The RePlatform

The Dive into the Minds of Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, and Activists Leading the Charge for Economic Freedom and Intellectual Diversity

LAS VEGAS, NV / February 13 2024 / RePlatform, renowned for its impactful initiatives like Defeat the Mandates and the Covid Litigation Conferences, is gearing up for an exceptional event: the Freedom Economy Convention. Set to take place from March 8-10, 2024, at the Horseshoe Hotel in Las Vegas, this convention promises to be a gathering of influential thought leaders, dynamic entrepreneurs, and passionate activists all dedicated to advancing the Parallel Economy.

Among the illustrious speakers lined up for the Freedom Economy Convention are individuals from various fields, each bringing their unique expertise and insights:

Ashton Cohen, Creative Manager at PragerU, offers practical strategies for navigating agenda-driven journalism, drawing from his background in securities litigation and venture capital.

Austin Holmes, President of Publicity For Good, is a former Navy Special Operations leader whose diverse projects and media features have earned him recognition. He’ll share his insights on managing business growth while maintaining a balanced life.

Chris Widener, Founder of the Red Referral Network, is a renowned speaker and bestselling author specializing in leadership, sales, and personal development, with over 2500 speeches worldwide.

Clay Greenburg, Director of Ranching Operations at ACTS, brings invaluable expertise in regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs in creating self-sustaining homesteads.

Dan Eddy, COO of Gab Pay, is a leader in the fintech industry, offering insights into navigating the parallel economy as consumers and businesses amidst a rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Daniel Wheeler, known as The Fintech Lawyer, provides practical advice for businesses seeking to innovate while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, drawing from his experience as a regulatory strategist and entrepreneur.

Frank Clement, Director of Strategic Partnerships at America’s Christian Credit Union, focuses on expanding mission impact and fostering partnerships, offering valuable insights into key markets in the parallel economy.

Heather Holmes, CEO of Publicity For Good, brings over a decade of PR expertise to the table, specializing in purpose-driven brands and media success for over 300 brands committed to positive impact.

Heather Wilson, Co-Founder of GiveSendGo, is dedicated to freedom-based entrepreneurship and advocacy, bringing a wealth of experience in impactful contributions to societal change.

Jack Meligan, President of Settlement Professionals, Inc., offers invaluable guidance to plaintiffs navigating complex financial decisions, drawing from his extensive experience in settlement planning and advocacy.

Jacob Wells, Co-Founder of GiveSendGo, combines his military background with a passion for social good, emphasizing the importance of humanitarian causes and community building.

John Johnson, Founder of Patmos Tech, provides insights into overcoming challenges posed by big tech stagnation, highlighting the role of parallel technology in driving innovation.

Jonathan McPike, Founder and President of Agathos Law, specializes in corporate and securities law for parallel economy companies, offering practical guidance for principles-driven enterprises.

Judith Horvath, Founder of Fair Hill Farm, shares her expertise in regenerative agriculture and sustainable food production, advocating for holistic farming practices.

Lonnie Passoff, President of Green.Money, is a visionary in financial technology, pioneering internet-based electronic check processing and parallel economy banking.

Matthew Mohlman, Founder and President of Monument Ventures, offers actionable insights for building sustainable and ethical enterprises in the parallel economy, drawing from his commitment to principles-driven businesses.

Megan Greene, Vice President for Customer Success at Patmos Tech, emphasizes the importance of maintaining a human connection in the tech space, enhancing customer satisfaction and humanizing account management processes.

TJ Visiodei, Founder and CEO of ACTS Decentralized Real Estate LLC, leads in decentralized real estate, reshaping traditional models of property ownership through innovative approaches.

Scott Robertson, Founder of RobertsonComms, offers PR and marketing insights, guiding businesses through media scrutiny and advocating for clarity and impact.

Simone and Malcolm Collins, Founders of Pronatalist, explore fertility economics and disrupt the public education model, drawing from their diverse background in entrepreneurship and venture capital.

Steve Kirsch, Founder of Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, advocates for vaccine safety and public health, emphasizing transparency and accountability in healthcare.

Wayne Allyn Root, a New York businessman and conservative media personality, provides insights into the economic landscape of the parallel economy, offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of its potential and challenges.

With each speaker bringing a unique blend of expertise, passion, and commitment, the Freedom Economy Convention promises to be an unparalleled opportunity for attendees to gain insights, network, and chart their course in the parallel economy.

Organized by RePlatform, the convention serves as a pivotal gathering for individuals committed to advancing freedom, innovation, and entrepreneurship. By providing invaluable tools and resources, the convention equips attendees to thrive in the parallel economy while fostering an environment of open dialogue and intellectual diversity.


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