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Addressing the Talent Shortage: Double Yolk Enters the Philippines

Double Yolk
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The Philippines is a key source of workforce talent and home to a thriving offshoring industry that contributes significantly to the country’s economy, generating $25 billion annually. Despite the pandemic, the IT-BPO sector in the Philippines has continued to grow, making $29.49 billion in sales in 2021, a 10% increase from the previous year. As a result, more and more companies, such as Double Yolk, are expanding their workforce resources by establishing a presence in the Philippines. 

Nevertheless, the talent and skill shortages continue to pose significant obstacles for the IT-BPO industry in 2022. While the pandemic has worsened this issue, it can be mitigated by utilizing a combination of technology and human oversight to optimize the workforce and leverage the available talent pool. Businesses can overcome talent shortages and ensure continued growth and success by taking these measures.

Local talent teams for recruitment and business success

Double Yolk, a go-to offshore development team from New Zealand and Australia, has built proprietary software for over 100 businesses. It also has a team of full-time talent staff in New Zealand, Australia, India, and the Philippines responsible for identifying, screening, recruiting, and retaining exceptional talent for the company and its clients. The local teams have developed a rigorous six-stage selection process to ensure Double Yolk clients are referred to top-tier professionals.

One of the benefits of having a local team lead the talent screening is their knowledge and understanding of the local job market, including cultural, social, and economic factors. This expertise enables them to identify suitable candidates with the necessary skills, experience, and cultural fit to meet the client’s needs. Local teams also have access to a broader talent pool, including passive job seekers. They can help streamline recruitment while providing valuable insights into the local job market and industry trends.

Streamlining resource allocation and enhancing access to top-tier talent

Double Yolk’s business model is unique in its ability to quickly scale resources up or down based on project demands. The agency has implemented notice periods and resource redeployment as projects near completion to ensure they can always meet their clients’ needs. 

In addition, the company maintains an Approved Talent List (ATL) of approximately 120 pre-vetted and tested professionals. The ATL benefits clients because it allows them to easily access top-tier talent without the lengthy recruitment and onboarding process. They can trust that the individuals on the ATL have a proven track record of success and are high-quality professionals.

Practical resource and workload management

Double Yolk understands that effective resource and workload management are crucial to the success of any offshore team. To achieve this, the company follows vital principles of motivation, transparency, and momentum. Double Yolk has implemented several initiatives to meet clients’ expectations and criteria for success. 

These initiatives include Technical and Leadership Coaching, which equips team members with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their roles. The company also uses Daily Forms to maintain transparency and enable efficient communication between team members and management. Furthermore, an Issue Escalation Framework is in place to promptly address any issues or concerns, ensuring that projects remain on track and deadlines are met.

In addition, Double Yolk utilizes project management tools and software to streamline workflows, track progress, and manage resources effectively. These tools enable real-time collaboration, task assignment, and progress monitoring, facilitating smoother project execution and reducing the chances of miscommunication or delays.

Furthermore, the company also promotes a positive work culture by fostering a supportive and collaborative environment. Regular team meetings and feedback sessions allow for open communication and the exchange of ideas, ensuring that everyone is aligned and motivated to achieve common goals. Double Yolk recognizes the importance of recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance, which boosts employee morale and encourages continued excellence.

By prioritizing practical resource and workload management, Double Yolk ensures that its offshore teams are well-equipped, motivated, and supported to deliver high-quality results for their clients.

A leading source of workforce talent

The entry of Double Yolk into the Philippines underscores the country’s position as a leading source of workforce talent and a hub for the thriving offshoring industry. Despite the talent shortage challenges faced by the BPO and SSC industries, the proactive use of technology and human oversight provides an effective solution for companies to optimize their workforce and achieve growth. With Double Yolk’s presence in the Philippines, the company is well-positioned to tap into the country’s diverse talent pool and strengthen its workforce resources, contributing to its continued success in the offshore development industry.

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