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How Dian Trabulsy Is Empowering Ethical Innovators With AI

How Dian Trabulsy Is Empowering Ethical Innovators With AI
Photo Courtesy: Dian Trabulsy

By: Joshua Finley

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly integral to our daily lives. While progress is good, it also presents unique issues such as privacy violations, copyright infringement, algorithmic bias, and more. These problems have led many to steer away from the implementation of AI, particularly in the education sector, but Dian Trabulsy, a prominent attorney, advocate, and recently recognized among the Top 100 Women in AI Leadership, sees these challenges as opportunities. With a strong background in law and corporate governance, she has embarked on a mission to ensure the responsible use and understanding of AI, especially within the education system.

Loving Legacy, a nonprofit foundation, is the highlight of her commitment to bringing ethical AI and core skill education to schools and families, empowering the next generation with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate a tech-driven world responsibly.

Dian’s journey from an immigrant with dreams of higher education to a leading voice in the realms of AI governance is a testament to her own resilience and determination. Marking her journey’s continuation, she is now focused on making a significant difference. Currently, after realizing the potential and challenges presented by AI and other developing technologies, Trabulsy has become determined to make a difference. “As AI began to play a bigger role in our society, I saw both an opportunity and a responsibility to help shape how we use these powerful tools,” Trabulsy states. “I wanted to ensure that the next generation is prepared to use AI in a way that is responsible, ethical, and aligned with our human values.”

Loving Legacy: A Vision for the Future

Founded on a strong foundation of faith and a passion for education, Loving Legacy is Trabulsy’s answer to the need for a more inclusive and ethical approach to technology education. The foundation aims to provide communities with programs and resources on responsible AI, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking, entrepreneurship, resilience and other core skill sets that are not typically incorporated in the traditional school curriculums. “At Loving Legacy, we’re not just teaching technology for technology’s sake. We’re cultivating a mindset that considers the ethical and social implications of our digital actions in building our collective future,” Trabulsy explains. 

One shining example of the initiatives is the ‘AI Explorers: Discovering the Future’ program, which has already made significant strides in demystifying AI for young learners. Through this program, students from diverse backgrounds have created innovative projects that tackle real-world problems, from environmental conservation to improving accessibility for the disabled. Their achievements not only demonstrate the potential of AI when leveraged by the next generation but also underscore the importance of our mission at Loving Legacy to cultivate a deep understanding and ethical use of technology.

Empowering Change-Makers

With a commitment to nurturing startups and entrepreneurs at the forefront of AI and other frontier technologies, Loving Legacy also offers a unique incubator focused on AI and education. Through this program, the foundation provides mentorship, tech tools, and educational initiatives aimed at demystifying complex topics and startup ideas. “Our goal is to democratize knowledge and ensure that everyone, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to lead and innovate responsibly,” Trabulsy notes.

Loving Legacy’s work is rooted in faith values and a dedication to using all technologies as a force for good. This ethical commitment guides the foundation’s approach to all its programs and initiatives, encouraging startups to apply their innovations in ways that benefit humanity. “We want to create a future where technology enhances our lives without compromising our values,” says Trabulsy.

A Call to Join the Movement

As Loving Legacy continues to expand its reach and impact, Trabulsy invites everyone to join the foundation’s vision of a future where AI and tech are used for the betterment of society. “Together, we can shape a world where technology serves as a catalyst for positive change, grounded in compassion and ethical practices,” she says.

With Trabulsy’s leadership and Loving Legacy’s innovative programs, the foundation is set to make a lasting impact on the education system and beyond, ensuring that both young minds and the next generation of startups are equipped to use AI in ways that are not only technologically advanced but also ethically sound and socially responsible.

Join Loving Legacy in empowering the next generation to innovate responsibly with technology. Your support can turn visions of ethical AI and inclusive education into realities. Get involved, donate, or learn more at


Published By: Aize Perez

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