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Aegis Star’s Keyless Expander Impacts Dental Care

Aegis Star's Keyless Expander Impacts Dental Care

In the realm of orthodontics, innovation is key to advancing patient care and enhancing treatment methodologies. Aegis Star, a forward-thinking dental device startup, is at the forefront of this innovation with its innovative product, the Keles Keyless Expander (KKE). Founded by Eren Keles, Aegis Star is dedicated to improving the orthodontic experience for both patients and dentists by addressing the unmet needs in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics.

A Leap in Patient Comfort and Care

The KKE is designed with the patient’s comfort and the dentist’s ease of use in mind. Traditional palatal expanders, which have been the standard in treating maxillary transverse constriction, often require the extraction of healthy teeth and use a separate key for activation. These methods not only pose a risk of injury from accidental ingestion or slippage but also contribute to patient anxiety and discomfort.

Aegis Star’s KKE eliminates these challenges with its built-in activation arm, allowing for a safer, more comfortable treatment process. By simply pushing the activation arm downwards, the device is easily activated, and pulling it back upwards passively resets it for the next use. This innovative design not only improves safety by removing the need for a separate key but also enhances patient compliance and reduces the need for frequent clinical visits.

Addressing a Widespread Dental Concern

Maxillary transverse constriction affects a significant portion of the population, with studies such as the one conducted by Lombardo et al. indicating that 53% of Americans suffer from this abnormality. The KKE offers a modern solution to this prevalent issue, providing an alternative to the traditional, often invasive methods of treatment. By focusing on expanding the jaw without the need for tooth extraction, the KKE presents a less intimidating and more accessible option for patients, particularly benefiting children with physical or cognitive challenges.

The Impact of the KKE

Since its introduction, the KKE has successfully treated over 1,000 patients, demonstrating not only its market viability but also its effectiveness in modernizing the approach to treating maxillary transverse constriction. The device’s unique design has led to shorter treatment times, cost savings, and the elimination of risks associated with activation failures. Furthermore, by improving patient-dentist relationships and reducing dental anxiety, the KKE fosters a supportive environment that encourages regular clinic visits and promotes a more inclusive dental experience.

Setting New Standards in Orthodontics

Aegis Star’s commitment to enhancing patient care through innovative design is evident in the success of the KKE. By addressing the complications associated with traditional treatment options, the company sets new standards for patient comfort and clinical experience in orthodontics. As Aegis Star continues to develop advancements in dental devices, the KKE stands as a testament to the potential of innovation to transform patient care in the field of orthodontics and beyond.

In an industry where patient comfort and treatment efficacy are paramount, Aegis Star’s Keles Keyless Expander is leading the way in streamlining orthodontic procedures, ensuring that dental care is not only effective but also universally approachable and less intimidating. With its patient-friendly design and a proven track record of success, the KKE is poised to continue making a mark in the way orthodontic care is delivered, making a significant impact on the lives of patients worldwide.


Published by: Khy Talara

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