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Bobsolar Planning Expansion to East Africa

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Bobsolar is the solar energy branch of the Hong Kong listed company Bob Eco Limited. Bobsolar is active on the European continent, where it is moving quickly to start operations in across the continent.

Bob Eco is a green energy company producing products that all aim to improve the environment by offering solar products and electric vehicles. The electric vehicle operations are active across the African continent. 

Bob Eco’s internal study has shown that the demand for solar energy exceeds that of the need in European countries by more than 40%. In combination with its electric vehicle operations, Bob Eco plans to start launching the Bobsolar brand across the continent. Uganda is one of the first countries where the company will launch its operations, in the third quarter of 2023.

Bob Eco states that in order to assure success in the East African market it Must strengthen its resilience to local market shocks in the electricity market functioning and start by applying solar energy generation on its own activities in the market by providing stable energy generation. The move will accelerate the green energy adoption in the region, eventually replacing fossil fuels in the Ugandan electricity markets!

Many remote villages have no access to the power grid, which offers opportunities to expand Bob Eco’s electric vehicle operations further into remote areas.


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