Economic Insider is Revolutionizing Marketing by using Artificial Intelligence to Skyrocket Sales for Medical Spas, Clinics and Aestheticians

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Have you ever had a customer or client abruptly cancel a beauty appointment? What did you think of it? I bet it hurt your company, especially if it was a persistent issue.

According to research, 27% of all spa reservations are cancelled on the day of the appointment, costing those facilities a significant amount of money.

No matter the sector your company works in, running a business is anything from simple. Every day, business owners search for innovative methods and technological advancements to streamline their operations, market their goods and services to the proper customers, and increase sales. It is far from an easy task.

The problem persists throughout the beauty sector. Getting customers who make reservations for medical spa services to keep those reservations is one of the many commercial issues that medical spas encounter. Since these are cosmetic operations, medical spas that provide services like body sculpting, laser hair removal, botox, or permanent cosmetics have a lot of appeal. However, not all clients keep their appointments.

In marketing, this is typically the process of turning cold leads into paying leads, but for these companies, this isn’t always the case. Ads won’t prompt people to make an appointment, but they may help your company reach the correct demographic. was created to address this issue since, without successful bookings that result in revenue, a firm cannot operate. is a company that assists medical spas, clinics, and aestheticians in increasing the number of appointments they receive by using regionally relevant social media advertisements and automated bot SMS chats to nurture their leads into clinic appointments. 

Thomas Gonnet, a 20-year-old expert in social media and affiliate marketing, founded the company with two other individuals.

His main objective was to innovate and establish new approaches in the field of marketing agencies. In order to help a very specific type of client—medical spas that primarily offer body sculpting, laser hair removal, botox, or permanent makeup—these new strategies combine technology and industry know-how. They aim to increase the number of clients who actually show up for their scheduled appointments.


Through more visits and lower costs, the business assists medical spas, clinics, and aestheticians in earning six figures and more.

This firm, which is powered by artificial intelligence, uses cutting-edge techniques to help these kinds of businesses draw customers in. In order to follow up with clients and assist set up appointments, they combine automated SMS messaging with a human touch. By ensuring that appointments are backed up with on-the-spot credit card payments, this technique puts an end to disappointing leads who don’t show up for appointments.

According to research, the sixth call is when 95% of all converted leads are reached. This means that constant engagement through conversations with prospects would seal the deal in the long run. makes sure you do not have to bother with this side of business nor employ a receptionist or even employ the services of a marketing agency. This in turn saves the business owner time and money and increases appointment bookings.

The company also runs an affiliate marketing program which they intend to use in onboarding influencers to get more medspa businesses on the platform. What happens is that once influencers use their uniquely generated affiliate link and get medical spas on the platform, they get to earn a steady, passive income.

The founder, Thomas Gonner shares his experience of lead generation, marketing, social ads and building this agency on his YouTube channel. He has become an authority in lead generation and gives helpful tips to individuals and businesses through his platform. offers some really great benefits. By signing up for the platform, you are assured of monthly clients as well as a 100% turnout rate that addresses the issue of unmet bookings. Because now your clients are aware of what you are doing, you also receive high-quality repeat clients. They offer automated Google reviews that raise your company’s ranking in search engine results, as well as 100% exclusivity, which means they can only work with one company per location, giving you the upper hand.

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