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Entrepreneur Nick Wood Is Creating Passive Income Millionaires Online, Here’s How He Does It

Nick Wood
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LAS VEGAS, NV — Nick Wood, digital entrepreneur and passive income expert, has emerged as a dominant force in the realm of rank and rent digital real estate. Through his thriving online course community, Digital Landlords–which Wood still operates as CEO and Founder0–has empowered hundreds of students worldwide to create opportunities for what his students are calling “life-changing passive income.” Wood has surely felt the ups and downs of financial freedom, from overcoming $60,000 in debt in his early 20’s to building a multi-7 figure business in less than a year, Nick Wood’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of perseverance and a commitment to living life on one’s own terms. 

Born and raised in a family that worked tirelessly on their generational alfalfa farm, Wood’s formative years instilled in him an unparalleled work ethic. Inspired by his father’s oft-repeated adage of “Make hay while the sun shines,” at 19 years old Wood embarked on a two-year humanitarian effort in the jungles of West Africa. His efforts in the years following, building and investing his time and resources particularly in Freetown, Sierra Leone, caught the attention of BBC News. The profile featuring Nick–known affectionately to his African following as “Krio Borbor”–earned him further recognition for his fluency in the local Sierra Leonean Creole (or Krio) language and his efforts to showcase the vibrant culture of the region through his online platform. 

Wood’s business career began upon returning to the U.S.A., as he embarked on a diverse career path, beginning as a door-to-door salesman enduring the scorching heat of the Southern United States. Despite facing entrepreneurial setbacks including failed tech ventures that plunged him into $60,000 in debt, Wood continued building. Fueled by his indomitable spirit forged on the farm, he meticulously built a digital real estate empire that is already generating multiple 7-figure in revenue. Upon achieving financial freedom, Wood resolved to share his tried-and-true strategies with others online who yearn to break free from the confines of “the rat race”, as Wood calls it. And thus, Wood’s multi-million dollar masterpiece was born: Digital Landlords. 

Digital Landlords is a thriving online course community that has swiftly gained traction on the internet, attracting nearly 500 students of varying ages and backgrounds from across the globe. Through his comprehensive curriculum, Wood equips his “Landlords” with the instruction and guidebook necessary to create potentially life-changing passive income. His methodology revolves around building simple, conversion-focused websites for niche services in small market cities and subsequently renting the generated leads to local businesses on a monthly basis for profit. By simply following Wood’s exact techniques, many Digital Landlords students have achieved continual monthly earnings ranging from $10,000 a month up to to $45,000 a month in passive income, all from their phone and laptop. 

Nick Wood’s mission to help other digital entrepreneurs break out of the rat race and achieve their own financial freedom has further established him as passive income expert in the online education space. Digital Landlords has gained steam among users online due to its results-driven approach. Nick Wood’s curriculum covers essential aspects such as selecting the right niche and market, building compelling websites, implementing paid ads, optimizing lead generation, and leveraging profits to expand one’s digital real estate portfolio. 

Wood shares that one of the largest appeals of the Digital Landlords community is that it is accessible to individuals with any level of technical or sales experience. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a complete beginner, Wood says his course eliminates barriers and empowers individuals to pursue financial freedom from anywhere in the world, students are only required to “have with a Wi-Fi connection and a whole lot of hustle.” 

To learn more about Nick Wood and the incredible success stories launching from his online course community, visit You can contact Nick directly at Connect with Nick Wood on Instagram at @iamnickwood, TikTok at @digitaldrugdealing, and join his Facebook community, “The Art of Preselling,” at 


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