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How Straw and Wool Hat Company is Shaping Hat Culture in Phoenix

Straw and Wool Hat Company
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In a city known for its scorching desert sun and vibrant cultural scene, one local hat company is on a mission to change the way Phoenicians and beyond embrace classic headwear. Straw and Wool Hat Company, a passionate and innovative brand founded in February 2020, has quickly become a staple in the Phoenix Valley, redefining the hat-wearing culture and breathing new life into this timeless accessory.

From its humble beginnings at a monthly marketplace highlighting black-owned businesses, Straw and Wool Hat Company has risen to prominence, becoming a symbol of style, community support, and affordability. With a commitment to excellence and a vision to redefine classic hat fashion, the company has achieved notable milestones, including winning the prestigious Black Entrepreneurs Day in 2021 and being honored as the ESPN Champion Black Business Recipient in 2023.

 Straw and Wool Hat Company

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The company’s mission extends beyond creating remarkable hats; it’s about shaping the culture of Phoenix and the broader community. Straw and Wool Hat Company aims to make it normal to see someone walking down the street in a classic hat, and they believe that this simple change can create a profound shift in energy and perception.

Founder’s Vision

“We want to change the culture in Phoenix and beyond, where it will be normal to see someone walking down the street in a classic hat. It creates a different energy when you see classic hats. Phoenix is in the middle of a Renaissance of sorts, and we feel the hats just add to that spirit. You feel different when you wear a classic hat, and people have a different perception of you with that small change. So far, we have seen an amazing response to the new store,” says Henry and Ali, founders of Straw and Wool Hat Company.

A Hat Store Unlike Any Other

What sets Straw and Wool Hat Company apart is its commitment to inclusivity and affordability. The company’s founders understand that classic hats have been around for centuries, but they aim to make them accessible to everyone. With an array of hat designs that cater to the everyday consumer, they are reimagining how hats fit into modern wardrobes.

The company takes pride in its North American manufacturing partnerships, enabling them to bring high-quality products to market faster than their competitors. This commitment to craftsmanship and affordability has positioned Straw and Wool Hat Company as the largest black-owned hat company in America.

Community Involvement and Philanthropy

Straw and Wool Hat Company’s ethos goes beyond fashion. They are deeply rooted in the community, with a philanthropic arm that supports local initiatives. Every Saturday, once a month, the company donates proceeds to a local nonprofit, demonstrating their dedication to giving back.

Moreover, the company operates a community marketplace next door to their flagship store, providing a platform for small businesses to sell their products and thrive. Their commitment to community growth and support is at the core of their identity.

D9 Limited Collection: Focused on Culture

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Among their unique offerings, the D9 Limited Collection stands out as a testament to the company’s dedication to culture and heritage. These semi-custom hats pay homage to historic black towns, bringing their rich history to the forefront of fashion.

A Vision for the Future

As Straw and Wool Hat Company continues to evolve, they see a future where classic hats are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Their mission remains unchanged: to bring a sense of style and pride to the Phoenix Valley and beyond while offering the best shopping experience and a variety of quality headwear and accessories.

With Straw and Wool Hat Company leading the way, the classic hat renaissance in Phoenix is in full swing. Through their innovative designs, commitment to affordability, and unwavering support for the community, they are inspiring a new generation to embrace the timeless charm of classic hats.

For more information about Straw and Wool Hat Company and their unique collection of classic hats, visit their website.


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