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King of Cracks Dr. Jimmy Sayegh Talks Benefits of Chiropractic and Dishes Advice to Other Practitioners

Chiropractic, an alternative medicine that has grown in popularity over the years, highlights the ability of one’s body to heal itself. Performed by a trained and licensed professional, it has helped address a variety of chronic pain and relieve people from conditions affecting their bones, joints, muscles, cartilage, and more. But, like every approach to promoting physical health and well-being, this form of complementary medicine needs to be facilitated by the right practitioners. Dr. Jimmy Sayegh, widely known as the “King of Cracks,” is among the most trusted experts in the field. 

A first-generation Arab-American chiropractic physician, Dr. Jimmy Sayegh dreamt long ago of becoming a sports chiropractor. Ten years later, he now stands as a go-to authority with an impressive portfolio of achievements attached to his name. Apart from amassing over four million followers across his social media accounts, the renowned public figure and specialist has helped a long list of clients, including celebrities and athletes. 

The prominence that Dr. Jimmy has gained, especially in the past few years, is a result not only of his expertise and experience as a chiropractor. His current position in the limelight can also be credited to his clever strategic utilization of today’s digital-based platforms. Back in 2019, he began documenting and recording patient treatment visits in a bid to improve his personal adjustment techniques and provide people with a glimpse of what happens inside a chiropractic office. “Little did I know, my unique treatments and adjustment techniques would be seen on global platforms and set many viral trends,” shared the well-respected professional. “Right now, there are thousands of chiropractors on all social media platforms showcasing their work.”

Ten years after first dipping his toes in the field, Dr. Jimmy has managed to build a reputable standing as a chiropractor and earn the patronage of countless patients. Additionally, he has snagged numerous accomplishments under his belt, such as having the opportunity to work with professional athletes like DK Metcalf and Karim Benzema, as well as with actors, directors, and musicians, including Ava Duvernay, Ross Mathews, and Larry Hernandez. 

Most impressively, Dr. Jimmy was able to start and scale a venture in the face of the economic hardships brought about by the pandemic. Despite the challenges, he succeeded in growing his brand and practice by harnessing the power of social media. 

Ultimately, Dr. Jimmy hopes to inspire aspiring chiropractors, setting an example for them to follow and demonstrating the extent to which chiropractic can change lives and make a difference. When asked for advice, he readily shared, “Find your niche, perfect it, become the best at it. Showcase your talent for the world to see. In addition, if there’s anything I have learned from social media is patience. It takes 100% commitment and dedication to grow your brand. I also advise everyone to network with others in your industry and remain humble. Focus on your growth, yet keep in mind that someone out there is working just as hard as you, if not harder.”

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