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Kisha Hodges: From Struggle to Empowered Motherhood

Kisha Hodges From Struggle to Empowered Motherhood
Photo Courtesy: Kisha Hodges

By: Hannah Scott

Women are often stereotyped for their roles in society. Traditionally, men were expected to fulfill their financial needs and have social roles, while women, on the contrary, were expected to focus on household chores and the upbringing of children. They were also expected to be submissive to men in general. Doesn’t that sound like the 1900s? Yet, if people look at the statistics, these stereotypes continue.

According to Eige Europa, 91% of women with children spend at least one hour daily on household chores, whereas only 30% of men with children are involved in household work. It means women spend 78% of their time mainly on housework.

Ironically, some women have also accepted this role for themselves and do not find it worthy of recognition. But Kisha Hodges, a mother, author, and standup comedian, does not believe in disregarding a woman’s effort. She emphasizes understanding the essence of motherhood as being one is no less than a full-time job. 

For Kisha, life taught her various lessons, which she abides by now and teaches to others. Life was not always easy for her. During her childhood, she went through emotional trauma due to no support from her biological father, as he was already married to someone else when Kisha was born. Her mother was the only parent she had, but Kisha’s mother had issues with the FBI. 

Growing up, she dealt with various mental health issues like depression and PTSD. She battled with these for a long time. 

But after becoming a mother herself, she reached the breaking point. One night, as she was homeless, she had to sleep on the floor of someone’s house with her two children. It made her realize that this could not continue. She had to change things for her children.

Sadly, due to Kisha’s history of two attempted murders, she got rejected for all jobs she applied to, even after completing her sentence. So, she started working as a cleaning lady to support her kids financially. She also found it therapeutic to overcome her past traumas. 

Indeed, one’s efforts do not go in vain; after working at multiple houses as a cleaning lady, she was offered more work, eventually leading to the start of her cleaning company in 2003. But this was just the beginning.

After starting her company, she gained the courage and conscience to explore the stigma she faced. So, she decided to write down her story. This gave her the confidence to face people and utilize her comical skills, paving the path for her career in stand-up comedy. 

The good thing about Kisha was that she enjoyed every path she chose. It helped her heal from multiple traumas. She managed it all while raising six children. 

When asked how she manages everything, she said, “A woman plays various roles in our society. She can be a daughter, sister, mother, housewife, entrepreneur, doctor, author, or any profession you name. The same goes for me. I have never let any role contain me completely; I have always been adaptable. At home, I am a mother, an author, and a comedian at shows. We are all capable of it; as women, we inherit the art of interchanging our multiple avatars.

For Kisha, life offered her trials and molded her through them. She learned to be more than the societal definition of a mother. As a single parent, one must be emotionally available for their kids and meet their children’s basic financial necessities. 

Thus, Kisha strived for a better future for herself and her kids. The toughest of all times was when her son had to spend his nineteenth birthday in the hospital waiting to receive a heart transplant. 

Despite the circumstances, she stood firm, hoping for better to keep her family strong. Eventually, her son got the heart, but her resilience kept all of her family going. She had to work alongside managing hospital shifts to be there for her son, and she did. 

In short, women should understand their power and never compromise on their self-worth. As mothers, they should never let the guilt of motherhood hold them back because they have to play various roles in their children’s lives. Hence, Kisha’s life course inspires new moms who feel hesitant about taking the first step into building their careers while raising children. Her journey empowers every woman who doubts herself. 

It allows people to analyze their lives and rethink what they can make their future look like.


Published by: Khy Talara

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