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Medical Innovator Eddie Sitt Introduces Revolutionary Dry Eye Mask Technology

Technological advancement in recent years has had a huge impact on all our daily lives. From education, communication, productivity, and healthcare to socialization. As a result, many people spend more time in indoor air-conditioned climates. Using computers, SMART phones and display devices to work, learn, and communicate effectively with others. 

However, excessive use of computers and display devices has led to an increase in eye-related problems. As prolonged use of digital devices decreases the number of eye blinks, leading to incomplete blinking. Evaporation of tears, and ultimately to dry eye disease. The most common type of ocular problem affecting approximately 18 million Americans currently. To bring lasting relief to sufferers of dry eyes, medical innovator. Entrepreneur Eddie Sitt developed Dry Eye Mask, a revolutionary product with a 99.6% success rate. 

Hailing from New York, Eddie Sitt is a firebrand entrepreneur and medical innovator. Who realized the global impact of dry eyes and its expensive medical cost when his wife had dry eyes. As he went with her to her appointments, he discovered that although curable, the ailment was not being addressed properly. He noticed the prescribed treatment for the painful and uncomfortable condition affecting millions of children. Adults was just a mask you put into the microwave to apply heat. 

He knew there could be a better way, and so he made it his mission to find it. He conceived the idea to create something that would work better than the microwave solution. After numerous research and testing, the changemaker developed the revolutionary Dry Eye Mask, an all-natural solution to treating dry eyes. 

Dry Eye Mask

The Dry Eye Mask is the Gold Standard in treating dry eyes. It provides targeted heat therapy that gently stimulates the meibomian gland. The gland responsible for secreting the oil – not water – that stops dry eyes. The mask uses heat to EXPAND THE GLAND OPENINGS AND TO thin oil from the inside of the eye. It can flow more freely through the glands and immediately alleviates eye irritation.

As an upgrade over the microwave mask. The Dry Eye Mask is a one-time purchase that can potentially. Eliminate the need for artificial tears and eye drops entirely. It is electrically heated with adjustable temperature control. Naturally brings the meibomian gland back to life while maximizing comfort, convenience and efficiency. Furthermore, by using electricity instead of microwave heating. Dry Eye Mask ensures consistent heat distribution. It effectively liquefies the oil inside so that it does not clog the gland.

Since its launch, Dry Eye Mask has proved to be a game changer. As the only efficient and streamlined solution for dry eyes. In a study of 1,000 patients, the use of Dry Eyes Masks posted a 99.6% success rate of patients. Who expressed significant relief after using the mask. These remarkable numbers highlight just how beneficial targeted heating is for the meibomian gland. And with so many successes. Eddie Sitt plans to launch Dry Eyes Mask globally to help more people. They help them improve their quality of life. 

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