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Meet Filipe Trindade: From Underdog to Reality Show Judge alongside Tim Draper

Meet Filipe Trindade: From Underdog to Reality Show Judge alongside Tim Draper
Photo Courtesy: Know How Club

Discover how determination and networking paved the way for Filipe Trindade to join “Meet The Drapers,” the reality show hosted by the billionaire behind Tesla and Space X investments.

Filipe Trindade’s educational journey was far from typical. Known as the worst student in his school, he never advanced a grade without difficulties and constantly challenged the traditional education system. Despite these obstacles, his relentless curiosity and determination led him on an entrepreneurial path filled with challenges, ultimately establishing him as a success story in the startup world. Born in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, the 35-year-old has crafted an impressive career, earning recognition in both the national and international entrepreneurial scenes.

With a background in International Relations, Filipe embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at 23, starting with a restaurant that, despite its eventual failure, provided him with invaluable experience. Over the years, he founded several startups, gaining expertise and building a network in the business world. In 2015, his efforts were recognized when he received the Young Entrepreneur award from the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, a milestone that propelled his career forward and opened doors to future endeavors.

Since 2018, Filipe made numerous trips to Silicon Valley, knocking on doors to forge connections with prominent investors and entrepreneurs. After facing numerous rejections, he finally knocked on the door that would lead to a pivotal moment in his career, receiving a positive response.

In 2021, Filipe was awarded a scholarship to attend Draper University and moved to Silicon Valley. Living in the area and interacting with venture capitalist Tim Draper, Filipe was invited to join the jury of “Meet the Drapers,” a Sony International reality show. This opportunity made him the first Brazilian to judge on the world’s largest investment reality show.

In 2023, Tim Draper visited Brazil for the Know How Experience event in São Paulo, further strengthening their connection. Moreover, this partnership brought the Draper Startup House accelerator to Brazil, in collaboration with the Know How Club.

Interacting with Tim Draper, one of the world’s leading venture capitalists, gave Filipe the chance to meet top global entrepreneurs. Networking became his key tool in attracting investors, mentors, and business partners. “Becoming a judge on the world’s largest investment reality show is a fantastic experience. I had a big dream of meeting Tim Draper and doing business with these major investors, these global billionaires,” Filipe shares.

Aside from his professional achievements, Filipe enjoys surfing, working out, reading, and traveling. He is actively involved in philanthropy, leading social projects in Campo Grande to provide opportunities for local entrepreneurs and inspire low-income youth to pursue their dreams.

Looking ahead, Filipe aims to globalize his startup, “Know How Club,” transforming it into a worldwide entrepreneurship club that offers credit for startups and SMEs. His life philosophy revolves around persistence, resilience, and positive influence, serving as a testament to success and growth with limited resources but extensive networking. Furthermore, the Know How Club is set to evolve into a fintech in 2024, broadening its success prospects even further.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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