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Newroz Telecom Shares Best Practices In Providing 16 Years of Excellent Telecommunication Services In Iraq

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Sustaining a business in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing economy is a difficult task. With new competitors entering the market, technological advancements, and the ongoing effects of uncertain global events, businesses continuously adapt and evolve to stay afloat. 

Companies that are able to do so can reap the rewards of long-term success and stability. Just like telecommunications company, Newroz Telecom which from its joint venture establishment in 2007 in Erbil, the heart of Kurdistan to 17 years of providing world-class telecom services, it has proved itself to be the leading provider of telecom services in Kurdistan.

The Recipe for Newroz Telecom’s Success

Newroz Telecom founder and Chairman, Kawa Junad shares that their 17 years in the business had its fair share of highs and lows, just like any other business. But despite this, their goal has always been to ensure the citizens of the Kurdistan region have access to the most developed voice and data technologies available. 

  • The Mission of Making 4G Internet Connection Accessible

From its beginning in 2007, Newroz Telecom’s mission is to bring the fastest wireless internet with nationwide coverage. “We aspire to be the communications service provider of choice through innovation, IP-based technology, and state of craftsmanship foundation,” Kawa Junad explains. 

With this mission in mind, Newroz Telecom never stopped innovating products and services to keep up with the increasing demand and rising technological advancements. At present, Newroz Telecom offers USB Dongle, 4G sim card, and MIFI device that comes in different features fit for people’s needs. 

  • Guidance By The Revolutionary Leader, Kawa Junad

Kawa Junad is the founder and currently, the major shareholder in Newroz Telecommunications Holding and Regional Telecom companies, which oversees extensive telecommunication operations in its subsidiaries, including Allai Newroz Telecom, Fastlink, and Symphony. 

Junad holds 20 years of combined expertise in the telecommunications industry. Under his guidance, Newroz Telecom has made a significant impact in the Kurdistan region by enabling a technological leap from 2G to 4G telecommunications technologies. With this major accomplishment, the company continues to play a crucial role in driving economic and social growth in the country.

Aside from his breakthrough innovation in telecommunications, he has also transformed the banking landscape of Iraq, from being a cash-based country to having access to digital banking. He has established financial technology companies in Iraq such as FastPay, the country’s most reliable mobile wallet, and First Iraqi Bank (FIB), the country’s first digital bank. 

Junad extends his excellence from business to society as a dedicated philanthropist working with several charities and contributing to the improvement of the educational system in the Kurdistan region.

“I strive my best to create solutions that are win-win. I believe that with revolutionary innovations, we can change the future and provide better service for the people,” Junad shares. 

  • Newroz Telecom’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Junad understands that Newroz Telecom as a corporation and leader in innovation, its actions have significant impact on the lives of the Kurdistan people, the society, and the environment. With this, they strive to not just provide excellent product services and grow but to also have a positive impact on other people, corporations, and industries in as many aspects as possible.

“We want to influence others not just in terms of the products and services we offer or the jobs and opportunities we create, but also in terms of working conditions, human rights, health, the environment, innovation, education, and training,” Junad elaborates. 

16 Years of Excellence With Newroz Telecom

Newroz Telecom offers a wide range of data solutions, including the latest 4G LTE rollout. This new service provides customers with the fastest internet available, making it a popular choice among those who require high-speed internet for their daily needs. 

Newroz Telecom brings its top-notch services to a wide scope of customers across the nation and has made a significant impact in the industry. It is the fastest-growing broadcast communications supplier in Iraq, offering its services in all governorates of the Kurdistan region, including the capital city, Erbil, and other towns. 

The company’s services have reached a large portion of the population, making its national scope the largest among communication services in Iraq. With its extensive coverage, it has become a preferred choice for customers looking for reliable and efficient communications and data services.

Newroz Telecom has also been recognized for its years of excellence and achievements. They received the prestigious award from the Global Carrier Awards three times – 2015 for best Middle Eastern Project, 2017 for the best 4G Deployment, and 2018 for Project of the Year. These awards acknowledge the company’s dedication to providing top-quality services and its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers. It is a testament to its commitment to excellence and continued efforts to deliver the best possible services. 

Newroz Telecom is a leading provider of telecommunications and data services in Iraq. With its coverage, reliable services, cutting-edge technology, and focus on providing quality services, it has become a preferred choice for customers looking for quality communications solutions and earned its place among the leading providers of telecommunications and data services in Iraq. 

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