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Omair Ahmed Siddiqui – Pioneering Growth in Pakistan’s IT Landscape

Omair Ahmed Siddiqui
Photo Credited To: Omair Ahmed

The evolving world of Information Technology (IT) has become a station of innovation and adaptations over the past few decades. Many entrepreneurs have stepped foot and played their part within this landscape. Pakistan, a country known for the sport of cricket, rich and flavorful cuisine, ancient history, and towering mountains, has become a center of the IT industry for the past few decades. Entrepreneurs with distinct approaches have taken the Pakistani IT Industry to unprecedented heights. Among those entrepreneurs is the founder and CEO of Meta Frolic Labs, Omair Ahmed Siddiqui. Over the past decade, he has played a central role in shaping Pakistan’s IT sector. His journey is marked by dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence. 

Pakistan’s IT sector has witnessed a remarkable transformation in recent years, emerging as one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. The sector, which contributes approximately 1% of Pakistan’s GDP, has seen explosive growth, with experts predicting that it will double in size, reaching around USD 7 billion within the next two to four years. This growth story is not only a testament to the industry’s potential but also to the contributions of entrepreneurs like Omair Ahmed Siddiqui.

The growth of Pakistan’s IT sector cannot be discussed without acknowledging the role of the country’s vibrant and youthful population. With 64% of Pakistanis under 30 and 29% belonging to the 15 to 29 age group, the nation is brimming with untapped potential. Siddiqui recognized early on that the future of Pakistan’s IT exports lies in nurturing and harnessing the talents of its youth.

A Commitment to Training and Development

Omair Ahmed Siddiqui’s commitment to the growth of Pakistan’s IT sector is evident through his extensive efforts in training and developing the country’s talented youth. As the founder and CEO of Meta Frolic Labs, his latest venture, he has taken a proactive approach to equip young Pakistanis with the skills needed to compete on the global stage. Under Siddiqui’s embodied vision, Meta Frolic Labs has become a hub for nurturing fresh graduates every month, empowering them with modern technical skills. These individuals are not only well-prepared for lucrative job opportunities in the IT industry but are also encouraged to explore entrepreneurial endeavors, thus contributing to Pakistan’s growth.

The Journey of Omair Ahmed Siddiqui

Starting his career as a Marketing Executive at a local Event Management company, Omair gained invaluable insights into the vast domain of Sales and marketing. Despite not having a formal education from an elite institution, he embarked on a journey of self-improvement, mastering the intricacies of Business Development, Online Marketing, and Strategic Management. Siddiqui’s distinguishing characteristic has always been his focus on the bottom line. He boasts a proven track record of delivering positive ROIs in multiple Business Units he initiated. His expertise lies in IT Startups, managing complete Business Units through effective Sales Management, Online Advertising, and New Product Development. Apart from his own ventures, Siddiqui is on a mission to help many startups across the country, assisting them with valuable insights that he has gained in his career in the IT sector. 

Challenges and Opportunities in IT Exports

While the IT sector in Pakistan continues to grow, some challenges demand attention. One of these challenges is the comparison with neighboring India, which has a well-established IT export industry. India’s rapidly growing IT exports, including software services and products, pose competition for Pakistan. Siddiqui acknowledges that despite having world-class talent, Pakistan lags behind countries like India in IT exports. When asked about the reasons for this gap, he points to the absence of a centralized regulatory framework for Pakistani IT companies.

“The central framework to regulate Pakistani IT companies is surprisingly missing,” Omair remarks. 

The Role of the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB)

Siddiqui addresses the role of the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) in supporting the IT sector. He suggests that while the PSEB has launched programs to support the industry, these initiatives must effectively reach the grassroots level.

“All the members of PSEB should be gathered and informed about the initiatives that the government is taking in favor of the industry and how we can benefit from it,” Omair states. “Periodic evaluation of all PSEB members is also required to monitor and improve the performance of the sector.”

In a word, Omair Ahmed Siddiqui’s contributions to Pakistan’s IT sector have made him a respected figure in the IT sector of Pakistan. His dedication to training and developing the country’s youth and extensive experience and expertise position him as a driving force in the industry. As he leads Meta Frolic Labs into the future, Omair’s vision for Pakistan’s IT exports and the industry’s growth might continue to shape the nation’s technological landscape for years to come.

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