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Pioneering a Sustainable Future: Ayad Chammas Venture Capitalist Spearhead Clean Energy and Construction Innovation.

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Throughout his career, Ayad has collaborated with various founding teams of international startups in renewable & clean energy and cleantech, amassing exceptional experience in technology and in the construction ecosystem. As a rapidly growing authority in energy, renewables, and fossil fuels, Ayad advises companies on technology strategies and invests in innovative renewable energy fields, such as electric vehicles, photovoltaic systems, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence.

A common misconception is that decarbonization is solely the construction industry’s responsibility. However, Ayad emphasizes that decarbonization requires collaborative efforts from various stakeholders, including governments, policymakers, developers, contractors, architects, engineers, suppliers, and building occupants. As a result, significant progress can be made towards a more sustainable future with exemplary commitment and current technology.

Ayad’s expertise extends beyond the realms of construction and clean energy. As a seasoned business leader, co-founder, and investor with over 25 years of experience managing large oil and gas and telecom projects, he is a proven expert in venture capital, fund management, and supply chain management. In addition, Ayad’s global operations management and digital transformation skills enable him to deliver results and drive organizational success.

With a track record of driving business growth and setting up sustainable business models, Ayad Chammas is committed to leveraging his experience to build successful businesses and positively impact the world. He continues to champion the development of renewable energy projects and the adoption of cutting-edge construction technology, inspiring others to join the collective pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future.

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