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Serhii Kukunin: “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it” (Henry David Thoreau, philosopher)

Serhii Kukunin
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In recent years, there has been dynamic growth in high technologies. The development of software has become increasingly important, as it is extremely necessary for communication between users and stakeholders in every sector of society. The impact of software is particularly noticeable in the healthcare industry, especially in medical insurance.

Many specialists are involved in the process of software development, but developers play a key role in writing programs. Additionally, they oversee the entire life cycle of software development. Serhii Kukunin, an expert-level software developer with 15 years of experience and the leader of large-scale international IT projects, knows firsthand about all the difficulties of this profession. He is currently working on one of these projects.

The text is about EasyHealth Inc., a leading startup in its field, which is a digital platform for distributing medical services based on technology. EasyHealth aims to achieve better health outcomes through medical expertise. One of the main services provided by EasyHealth is to support users in finding Medicare Advantage plans covered by private insurers and other Medicare supplements.

Under the technical leadership of Serhii Kukunin, EasyHealth has become one of the fastest-growing partners in the medical insurance industry. The start-up’s growth was also greatly facilitated by raising $135 million in equity and debt financing at the end of 2021. This has led to successful contracting with major health plans and provider groups including United Healthcare, Bright Healthcare and Alignment Health.

Our hero started his career with the company as an independent contractor in Ukraine. Despite the distance, Serhii did everything in his power to get the project off the ground. After 10 months of working with EasyHealth, he moved to the United States and officially became the company’s second technical employee.

Applying his technical expertise and knowledge, the Ukrainian programming genius developed all the main aspects from scratch, including defining the infrastructure, implementing the “Infrastructure as Code” solution, and monitoring the system using alarm signals. This played an important role in improving constructive solutions to meet business needs and transitioning the startup from a medical insurance agency to service provider for other agencies working in this direction.

Thanks to the high productivity and efficiency of the work process of Mr. Kukunin Ukrainian developer EasyHealth, the company began to expand. And when in May 2022 the company launched the AgenX project, Serhii readily agreed to take on the leadership of the new direction. As an integral member of the project team, he single-handedly led the roadmap. Within the first two weeks, he built the Proof of Concept based on his contribution to the first project, and then continued development, improving the quality processes of language, framework, logging and monitoring system, as well as the release process.

Working at the company for the third year, Serhii Kukunin not only continues to demonstrate exceptional professional abilities, but also skillfully applies his leadership qualities. When new tasks arose during the project implementation and the need to expand the team of programmers emerged, he not only recruited new team members himself, but also adjusted the process to support them. Serhii implemented methods that allow for flexibility in requirements without compromising quality, while maintaining stability and scalability in the production environment.

The position of the head of the technical group in the AgenX department has become another step up in his career. Today, he collaborates directly with the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of the company, Aaron Schiff, overseeing all stages of product development – from participating in business discussions and priority meetings to providing feedback and recommendations that could improve the product.

EasyHealth Inc. became the third company on Serhii Kukunin’s impressive resume, following Matic Insurance Services and Spotlight Media Labs, where his extraordinary abilities and professionalism were one of the main reasons for their success. EasyHealth Inc. has no doubt reached its current level of technological innovation and reputation largely due to the technical competence and significant creative contribution in the early stages of the startup by a unique software developer and programming master from Ukraine, Serhii Kukunin, who made a name for himself.


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